Signs to call an expert for repairing water heater in Mesquite, TX!

Hot water heating is one of the most expensive appliances to run in the home.

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It can account for up to 12% of your annual utility bill if you don’t properly maintain it. Here are a few signs that help in deciding whether it’s the right time to call a pro or not for your water heater in Mesquite. TX

Signs when servicing/calling a pro are required (not just recommended)!

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1 – No hot water at all

If none of the faucets are producing hot water, then either there’s no power getting to the heater, or else the thermostat has failed and it’s simply not delivering any hot water. First, check if you have any reset button on the unit itself or investigate for tripped circuit breaker before calling a pro immediately.

2 – Weak flow at all faucets

If the water is only coming out tepid or lukewarm no matter how long you wait, it’s time to call a pro. Why? If there’s very little water pressure now, the chances are that blockage has developed somewhere in the system, and fixing this would be tough.

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3 – Rusted interior

Inside of tank gets corroded over time due to rusting of metal parts that form part of heating elements (e.g. steel, copper). Corrosion reduces thermal efficiency & shortens the life span of the heater because the material used for manufacturing these parts is not stainless steel. So if you see rust inside your tank it means corrosion has started and it’s time for a replacement. Replace the electric water heater immediately and also enquire about the tankless water heater installation cost before making a decision.

4 – Leaking from underneath the tank

This is a rare case but if you notice any signs of leakage from underneath the electric hot water tank then it means that a pipe has burst or a valve has failed and because of this, there’s a continuous loss of hot water. Call a pro without delay to fix it before your flooring gets damaged.

5 – High energy bills

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If you find a huge increase in your utility bills over the last 3-6 months despite having turned down the thermostat to a minimum setting, it’s time to call a pro for servicing as chances are either unit has developed small leaks or the thermostat is not working properly. In both cases, repair costs would be high because replacing/repairing would involve re-plumbing.

6 – Old age

If your water heater is over 10 years old, it’s time to call a pro because no matter how reliable & efficient you find it, its life span is over and would require replacement. Replacement cost would be far less than repairing an old unit and since this unit is past the warranty period so chances of repair costs being covered by the manufacturer are very slim.

7 – Burner not igniting or pilot light out

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This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing as there can be gas leakage as well as a fire hazard as burner assembly gets extremely hot while operating (even without flame). So if your pilot light is not lit even after trying multiple times, immediately call for repair service.

8 – Leaky from the bottom or side seams

If you notice water or rust on the floor, call a pro because it could be an indicator of deterioration of the tank’s internal parts. In addition to this, check for leaks from both top and bottom since either would indicate that portions of the tank have corroded & deteriorated due to rusting of metal components inside of the water heater.

9 – Discoloration on hot water access valve/pipe fittings

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Water heaters use multiple metal parts/components which after some time get corroded due to the accumulation of sediment in pipes. If you see any signs of rusty color on your unit’s parts or piping then it’s time for replacement because chances are costly repairs would not solve the issue. Replace the water heater immediately.

10 – Old age & corroded parts

If you see any of the above signs of a water heater, it means that either portion has corroded or started wearing out with time because all metal components start rusting over years. In addition to this, the tank’s insulation (thick and outer) also degrades and loses its ability to hold in heat properly after 10-15 years. Resultantly, energy consumption is high and repairs costs escalate exponentially with each passing year. So if your unit is 15+ years old then instead of repairing it would be a better idea to replace it because replacement cost would be far less than repairing such an aged unit. Even a slight increase in daily utility bills can signify the imminent need for replacement.

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