Simple and Functional: Occasional Magazine Table

Our everyday need for more space makes designers to come up with creative solutions and make modern pieces of furniture with more than one functionality, such as this lovely magazine table concept designed by Italian designer Tommaso Bistacchi in cooperation with Davide Anzalone.  Etable is one of those objects that encompasses both a piece of furniture and a storage system, making your living room more spacious by implementing a double function.

Part magazine rack, part coffee table, this playful-looking occasional magazine table can display interestingly your favourite book or publication while offering you or your guests a surface to put a glass of water, juice or a cup of coffee. In this way, you can drink something and enjoy latest news without having to get up or spread the magazines all over. With a friendly alien shape, Etable has a structure made of curved wood, both the legs and the main support being made of solid beech wood. Tommaso Bistacchi’s design may look simple, but the idea behind is creative and fun. It can be an interesting addition in a living room, in an home office or in a waiting room, where it would certainly be appreciated. It’s a new way to think an accessory for a room, as designer says. Quite practical, wouldn’t you say?

Photos © Tommaso Bistacchi

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