Simple Geometric Shape Montpellier Pavilion by Robin Juzon Architect

The Robin Juzon Architecture is a well-known agency, where the engineer with brilliant ideas creates design and architecture, focusing on every detail project for obtaining the best value of performance and quality design. The perfect example of their remarkable work is the two pavilions that were strategically assembled in the main points of the city, so that it can be seen by all the people who are passing by. The first pavilion was located in the courtyard of the CCIT Montpellier Hotel Saint Come, and the second pavilion was installed in front of the Tourism office in the La Grande Motte.

They succeed because of their free autonomy in making projects with a taste for simplicity but well done projects architecture design.

Robin Juzon Architecture participated in 2007 in the CIMBETON contest, where the engineering was awarded.

The pavilion’s influence was from Japan travels, where the designer discovered the refinement and minimalist design by using raw materials.

The Montpellier pavilion reflects simple geometric shapes, and it is made of massive and opaque wood panels with a design that reflect thin sheets of wood embedded into each others, which creates the opaque and transparent design depending on the view angle. The visitors can see and admire this sublime architecture, with simple natural geometric shape, that can be turned into a beautiful garden with colored flowers, or can be used as an information point, a reception from where people can enjoy sitting and relaxing.

Photos © Paul Kozlowski

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