Simple Tips on Transforming Your Home to Maximize Storage Space

You’ve probably tried all you can to de-clutter and organize your home better. The result? You still have lots of stuff lying around the house and no extra storage space.

What next? If shifting into a bigger house is not on the cards for you, your plan of action should now be to make extra storage by targeting overlooked storage areas around your house.

Here are some easily forgotten areas of the house that can be used for storage. Use these tips to organize things better to maximize storage. Some tips involve a little remodeling work!


The hallway is a great place to store outdoor use items such as hats, a couple of scarves, coats, and boots.

You can fix some pegs on the wall for your hats and coats if your coat rack isn’t enough for your belongings. A little bench to sit on while wearing or removing shoes would be great. Find one that can also double up as storage.

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Under the Stairs

If you have a flight of stairs inside your house, the space under the stairs can be used for storage. You can conceal the space by installing a frame and a door. Organize the space by adding shelves and racks as required.

If you’re running out of space to display your collectibles, add glass doors and accent lights to the space. The space under the stairs can also be converted into a book case or closet. If turning it into a seating area, use furniture that can also be used to store items.

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If the walls of your house aren’t already packed with cupboards, shelves, and racks, now you know what to do!

There are various styles of shelves and racks available and you’ll be able to store a lot of your stuff in them. Install them as needed on your walls free the floors of extra clutter.

Draw your eyes right up to the ceiling and look for ways to add shelves or other storage options. With a sturdy stool by your side, you’ll be able to reach these areas easily.

You can also consider making wall recesses wherever possible to store knick-knacks or collectibles. Walls can be fitted with organizers to hold magazines, notepads, keys, etc.

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Closet Walls and Doors

If your closet is packed to the top with things, make use of the space on the closet walls and on the inside of the closet doors. You can install hooks, hanging rods, bars, etc. and hang your clothes, belts, handbags and other items that usually lie around your room or are thrown carelessly into the closet.

Be sure to invest in hangers that help you store more while taking up less space such as the specialty ones from OnlyHangers.

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Kitchen Island

If you have a kitchen island, you’re in luck! You can affix pegs and racks on the sides to hang saucepans, mugs, spoons, and more. If your kitchen island is in the form of a simple platform with empty space underneath, buy roll-out carts that will fit in the space.

If you are planning to get an island for your kitchen, get one with built in storage. You can store dishes, utensils and more in a kitchen island. Drawers fitted with glass doors can be used to display expensive china and crystal ware.

A kitchen island that has open shelves can also be useful in many ways. Open shelves can be used to hold utensils, and kitchen appliances like microwave, mixer, coffee bean grinder, meat grinder, etc. You can place cubbies or baskets in the open shelves to store wine bottles or to place fruits, vegetables, or other miscellaneous items.

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Under Basins and Sinks

It is often tricky to utilize the space under basins and sinks due to the plumbing installations. As such, people tend to shove things randomly into these areas. If this is how you store things too , or if you’ve forgotten about these areas, you need to utilize this space effectively to store more things.

Install rolling drawers and corner racks that will help you reach items kept at the back easily. Three-fourth circle-shaped corner shelves will also help you organize stuff. If you’re going for a simple drawer, fit racks on the inner side of the door to keep items such as cleaning fluid bottles, brushes, toiletries, meat grinder, etc. in.

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If you have strong, sturdy furniture like a solid coffee table, consider undertaking a DIY project that will convert it into a coffee table with storage space.

Furthermore, if you intend to buy new furniture, look for pieces that are functional and can be used to store items instead of furniture that has just aesthetic value.

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Everyone needs storage space. And no matter how much of it you have, it’s always less. The tips mentioned here will help you maximize storage space in different areas of your house. These tips will be essentially helpful to people who live in small apartments.

Just because you have less square footage, doesn’t mean you have to do away with items that you simply can’t do away with. The trick to storing all that you want to have with you lies in organizing things properly. The better you organize things, the more items you’ll be able to store. Simply throwing in items together won’t help.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on organizing your home today to maximize storage space!

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