SkyTower, the Tallest Building in Romania

The tallest building of the city of Bucharest and also of Romania, the SkyTower is almost complete. Owned by Raiffeisen International Property, the ambitious project is for the moment the largest construction in all markets where the Austrian group operates, with an investment of over 100 million euros. Built at a fast pace, within a year, the entire building will be completed at the end of 2012 and will soon become the main point of attraction in the new business district of Bucharest and a powerful new landmark of the city.

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Visible virtually from all parts of the city, it has an ideal location for today’s modern business needs: in the rapidly developing urban and residential area of Northern Bucharest, between two important arterial roads, where it has a great infrastructure, extraordinary easy access by public and private transportation, and also green surroundings (Lake Floreasca). Built to the highest technical standards, the SkyTower stands out through its great aesthetic which reveals an imposing modern architecture and elliptical shape made of 50,000 cubic meters of concrete, 8,300 tons of steel and 17,250 square feet of plywood for facades. If steel bars should be strung, being put together, would reach a length of 4463 km.

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When it’s finished, the building will have 37 floors that will total an overall height of 137 meters. It has five floors underground, thus, with all the pillars of the foundation, the tower reaches a depth of 60 meters, which represents approximately 40% of its existing surface height. Groundwater levels will have 518 parking spaces available. Office building benefits from BMS (Building Management System) that provides energy efficiency over the entire surface. The advantage of this system is to reduce maintenance costs by 30%. The building was designed so that all offices benefit from natural light, which means a reduction in lighting during the day.

Corporate tenants looking for premium quality will find here high-class offices with perfect visibility and maximum space flexibility, exceptional panoramic restaurant skybar and  a conference area situated on 35th and 36th floor that offer magnificent views of Bucharest for they and for visitors, thus creating a strong corporate presence and identity. In addition to these exclusive amenities offered by SkyTower, visitors will have also excellent entertainment and shopping  possibilities in the new Promenada Mall, next to the SkyTower.

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