Small Space Decorating Tips

For many of us the possession of a good home doesn’t really mean having our own private mansion to enjoy a bon vivant lifestyle, but having a small apartment or house at best. When it comes to living in smaller spaces, we need to deal with a precarious balance between decoration and functionality. All of this is especially important if you have ended up doing a house clearance of your previous place, dealing with furniture disposal, garage clearance, junk removal and so forth, downsizing your home into a smaller place. The tips ahead will provide you with more information on ways you can maintain a good-looking home with practicality in mind:

• Strategic use of mirrors
You can create your own entryway by using mirrors in such a way as to create a wider-looking space. You can do this with fairly large mirrors in two opposing sides if you want to create the perfect effect. Antique mirrors can also get the job done, but chances are they will not have the necessary size for what you need.

• Make a gallery
If your home already has a second floor, then you will have a chance to use the stairwell to display your paintings or photos as well. You can buy some inexpensive frames to get the job done and to create the look you desire.

• Using shelving
You can make use of floating shelving to save up some space around your home, so you would do well to place them in strategic locations. Hang some vases on the ceiling for added effect, creating the perfect decoration solution for your needs.

• Using frames
Empty walls around your home, especially around chests, desks, cabinets and more can be decorated with frames of various sizes. You can combine a number of materials around, such as wood, metals, plastics from Simply Plastic and more. You can use them to place photos, art or something else depending on your personal tastes.

• Using plants
They are something we love to use around our homes, more or less becoming focal points turning our rooms into something far more welcoming and pleasant to the eyes. You would do well to stick to actual plants and not the plastic fake kind, as they will not give your home the same benefits as the real deal.

• Proper lighting
You can change the way lights work around your rooms with some subtle changes. Put up a pendant light in smaller spaces, somewhere out of the way for example. Wall sconces can also be used to shed light on your rooms without too much effort involved, allowing a more suitable solution for your needs with combined aesthetics and pragmatism.

• Using layers
You would do well to combine different layers around your home to create a better effect. For example, working with baskets and storage stools or even ottomans will help keep things compact while also giving you much needed storage space.
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