Smart Idea for a LED Desklamp

Maybe you have seen a lot of LED desklamps, each of their design trying to come every year with something new even if we speak about aestethics or functionality. Today, we want to show you another interesting LED desklamp that surprises through its great features. Designed by industrial designer Konstantinos Pamporis, GRAVIA lamp has a minimalist and discreet design that fits very well into a modern workspace decor. What makes it special from others is the smart idea of creating a different intuitive and understandable handling. To control brightness and power, you don’t need the traditional on/off buttons but to know how to use the inner bar.

The more you rise the inner bar, the brighter the light gets. Otherwise, if you bend the inner bar more down, the light turns off. Due to this feature, if you look at it when it’s closed, you don’t realise that it’s a desklamp. Besides that, it occupies very little space.

Source: Konstantinos Pamporis

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