Smartphone Apps-Inspired Furniture by Richard Hutten

Designers’ inspiration comes many times from unexpected sources to which you have never thought. It’s also the case of this fabulous smartphone apps-inspired furniture line designed by one of the Netherlands’ most successful designers internationally Richard Hutten for Artifort. The original looking “Apps” explores new forms in living room design, resulting in a fresh indoor furniture piece suitable for modern interiors.

The minimalist style  reveals a simple yet creative cube-liked shape with rounded corners, that has a strong resemblance of the small icons displayed on a smartphone and we’re more than sure that whether or not you are passionate about technology, you’ll love these collection with unique design. The “Apps” consists of one-person (1.0) chairs and two-persons (2.0) sofas available in different appealing combination of colors. To ensure both their smooth and timeless design, but also a comfortable experience, they are made of a wooden internal structure, with webbing in the back and an ingenious seat that boosts the natural comfort of the thick layer of foam. Take a look and share your opinions with us.



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