Space-Making Hacks for Small Kitchen – 8 Helpful Suggestions

If you like the idea of a minimalist lifestyle, you are not alone. Americans everywhere are opting for a smaller and compact means of living. Maybe it’s time for you to level up!

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The minimalist lifestyle has brought a wave of appreciation for the smaller things in life, including tiny houses and limited possessions. 

Given that the average rent for one-bedroom apartments ranges between USD 1.9K and USD 3.5K per month, a large proportion of the community has adjusted to working with smaller living spaces, and this includes a smaller-sized kitchen.

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A minimalist kitchen, while definitely being cute, could actually prove to be a bit of a problem once you start using it. Obviously, a small kitchen entails a tinier workbench, limited storage space, and a mini sink. But if done well, there is room for all essential kitchen tools, pans, bottles, gadgets, and more. You can easily bring warmth and space if you illuminate your kitchen workspaces with under cupboard lights

If you are looking to transform your tiny kitchen into a well-designed, aesthetic one, read on to discover our top 8 hacks to make the best use of your tiny home kitchenette:

  1. Opt for a chalkboard wall and a vertical storage facility 

Being smart with your storage is the first step towards creating the ample room that you require to whip up some family favorites for a cozy day in. Consider installing a vertical pegboard on one of the walls in your kitchen, to hang up all the necessary utensils that you use frequently. This can save a lot of space, which can be used to store the ingredients that you require on a daily basis. 

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Another tip that you could use to reduce the clutter in your kitchenette is to paint a wall in the space with chalk paint. You can ideally use the space to jot down a quick grocery list and any new recipes you may have got off Buzzfeed. 

  1. Don’t store in your kitchen – choose another room 

If your tiny kitchen does not have the necessary space that you need to store all your kitchen appliances, consider making a closet or nook for yourself out of any other room nearby. You can choose to convert a niche in your tiny home into a pantry to store all non-perishable items. 

You can even organize your makeshift pantry by color. And if you prefer to keep the pantry away from prying eyes, consider getting a curtain rod fixed that can keep the space conveniently covered. 

  1. Choose an over-the-sink cutting board 

Well, if you did opt for the minimalist lifestyle, you might have had to let go of the idea of a kitchen island for all of your fruit and veggie chopping. But you can easily make up for the space by opting for an over-the-cutting board which is – as the name suggests – a board that is designed to fit perfectly over your sink. This provides you with an additional advantage including more space – you can wash all your ingredients thoroughly right there before you proceed to slice them up for your next meal. 

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  1. Junk drawers? No, spice racks! 

The organizational power of a drawer is recognized in almost every household around the world. These handy little holding pens prove to be quite useful in storing any odds and ends in the house out of sight and behind a pretty wooden facade. However, if you are using your kitchenette drawer is not being used properly, could just lead to the accumulation of unwanted clutter. 

If you enjoy clean and comfortable spaces when cooking, consider turning the junk drawer in your kitchen with unnecessary items into a beautiful spice rack. Choose small, little glass bottles (bonus points if you recycle existing bottles from your previous purchases) to store and label all of your favorite spices. Line the drawers with an easy-to-clean paper found in most stationery stores and arrange your spices in the order of most-used. 

Not only are you going to get rid of the commodities you do not need, but you will also be making smart use of the space that you have within your kitchenette. 

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  1. 2-Way Folding Tables 

Not only is this going to save up on space in your kitchen, but it’s also going to significantly increase your floor space as well. A folding table installed in your preferred area can act as a preparation, as well as a dining counter. 

Think about how convenient it will be to just finish chopping all those vegetables and tucking the table back into the wall until it needs to be used again. There are multiple design options available to choose from online, so select what works best for your space and go with it! 

  1. Get creative with the space around your fridge 

If your fridge does not exactly fit perfectly into the niche in your kitchen, you can opt to make a sliding pantry out of some leftover space to store anything you fancy. One of the best parts about this tip is that it is a DIY trick to make space in the cooking station. The ever-helpful internet has several different models and suggestions from minimalist enthusiasts who have cleverly converted the space around their fridge into storing cabinets. 

  1. Magnets aren’t just for the fridge 

The countertop is one of the most used places in a kitchen. So if you are looking to save up on counter space and still flaunt your professional knife set, opt for a magnetic knife rack that can be placed above your counter. You can make this magnetic knife rack yourself with wood and magnetic strips from a hardware store. 

Not only are you going to make space for yourself, but you will also be able to appreciate your knives and choose them just as you deem fit for your ingredient. 

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  1. Trash bags under the sink 

Is there limited space under your sink? If you are wondering how you can utilize this space, read on! 

Attach smaller-sized curtain rods on brackets in the space under your sink and hang your trash bag roll from the rods for the easiest access to bags and clever use of space. 

One of the best parts about this list is that a lot of it is DIY and creative! You can buy your supplies and create your dream kitchen, complete with everything that you need. Add splashes of colors with the utensils and storage cabinets, and we can bet that in no time, you’ll find a way to cook virtually anything in your tiny kitchen.

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