Spare mobile lighting through the reinterpretation of a portable lamp, by Rusak

Conceptual note : Prospective thinking on the spare mobile lighting through the reinterpretation of a portable lamp.

Based on the alarming ecological statement which comes up in the news every day, and based on the assumption that we are overwhelmed by a numerous number of objects always requiring more and more energy, we note that the most booming energy source for the upcoming years remains the solar energy.

As the contemporary architects seem to have admitted this by using larger and larger glass surfaces, the idea of using the windows as energy portals must emerge…

Quite a simple idea the one that enables the inexhaustible sun to be captured ; a “self-service” sun available for each one and at each moment : the idea of having a personal sunbeam and moving it anywhere in your house like a portable lamp of modern ages.

A brand new type of products can emerge. Based on an easy-to-use energy and supported by the combination of the best photovoltaic technologies, these domesticated beams use luminous capabilities of the LEDS, enhanced by two sculptural optical fibers referring to incandescent filaments of the old light bulbs.

Place this new portable lamp on any window and let the sun act on it. Carry it around with you and install it at the exact place where you need it, be it a practical luminous display or just a decorative object. Additional information you can fin directly on the designer’s website 

It is a new way of grabbing the light, of moving around to meet with the occasional and decorative needs in terms of domestic lighting : no more cables, no energy to buy ; only the materialization of a raybeam becoming yours !

A gestural reference to the glazier’ sucker, this luminous object gets fixed and re-fixed by suction illustrating the delicate and highly poetic capture of a raybeam of yours.


Body : blown glass bulb, its internal technical components being tarnished so as to mask them visually. Light source using optical fiber. White ceramic and elastomer snap ring. Sucker and integrated photovoltaic cells to catch solar energy through the windows.

Detailed head
Sucker body in white porcelain incorporating the “on-off” button and the snap ring that helps fix the sucker. Blown glass bulb incorporating a sculpted optical fiber in reference to the filaments of the old incandescent light bulbs.

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