Spring and interior design with flowers

Flowers in the house, I can never get enough of them. When the Christmas tree is gone, I brighten up the gray January and February months with extra flowers and bulbs in the house.

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As a child I spontaneously ‘plucked’ all the daffodils from the municipal area. A sign that I really couldn’t resist…

All week I can look forward to the market on Saturday. I can enjoy myself all afternoon strolling past flower stalls, enjoying all those scents, shapes and beautiful colors. Just watching is a party. The shapes and color combinations give me the best ideas for my interior projects. What I like about the market is that the seasonal flowers are not expensive. So I buy a huge pile of tulips or more varieties and mix them all over the house. This is how you bring spring into your home with flowers:

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Vases are very decisive for the appearance of a bouquet. Every bouquet in the same vase, maybe it can be done differently? Take a look in the store or in magazines and get inspiration for other options. A recycled glass bottle vase really only needs a few long flowers. Choose large, then you only need one new vase. Another great way is to make combinations of a number of vases together. Group them together and mix your flowers from high to low. They look very playful and still look calm because you group them.

Tulips continue to grow when they are in the vase. Difficult, because you always have to trim them. I therefore opt for a very high vase and place it low at the bottom of the vase. While growing, they make a curve in the vase, so that they no longer grow out of the vase, but become more and more beautiful!

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

Blossom branches

Blossom is magically beautiful. The beautiful blossom from fresh white to soft pink provides the ultimate spring feeling. Before the trees sprout outside, prune a few branches indoors. They come out even earlier, so you can enjoy the blossom outside afterwards. You can now buy birthday flowers in all of Europe in blossom branches. For example birthday flowers is called fødselsdags blomster and blomster bestilling in Danish!

It is still cold outside, but a nice box with flowers on the garden table immediately gives the garden a nice atmosphere. Nature is a miracle and you can never get enough of it. Enjoy these cozy months!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

What kind of things are you going to put in your living room next to flowers? 

Sure you have standard items such as a table, chairs, sofas and a TV furniture, but how do you make sure that you decorate your living room nicely? You don’t want your living room to be overcrowded so that you lose the entire atmosphere. Therefore, strategically place a few plants, pillows, rugs, small decorative items and paintings. Paintings of landscape views immediately ensure that you get a real eye-catcher into your home. It is good to get started creatively yourself and to dare to make choices. Every taste and every style is unique and therefore it is difficult to say which items you need to fill your living room. But make sure that colors match and that your living room is not overcrowded.

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