Steps for Staining Your Concrete Floor

One of the methods of adding depth of color and marbling to your concrete floor is through application of stain. But before applying a stain, you will need to work on the floor using concrete grinders. Doing this can easily be done by following the following simple instructions.

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Step 1#: Remove the Trim Work

If the floor being acid stained is preexisting one, you will need to ensure that all baseboards and trim works are removed. Failure to do this could lead to extensive damage of the stain mixture.

Step 2#: Masking the Walls

Make sure the walls are covered using twelve inch masking paper. This is necessary so as to prevent the occurrence of discoloration when the staining is being done. Cover all your walls and lower parts of cabinets which may be exposed. Make sure you wrap the tape around your finger so that it can have adhesive on both sides. Position the paper on the wall and pull it tight and ensure you secure it after every 12 inches using pieces of painter’s tape. Ensure that knobs on the bottom side of the cabinet cover together with metal screws are covered with painter’s tape.

Step 3#: Mix the Acid Stain

Mix the stains in an exterior place where there is enough ventilation. One of the key ingredients of the mixture is hydrochloric acid and this can be harmful at times. You should make sure that you wear protective devices because of the acidic nature of hydrochloric acid. The acid stain should be added to the water and not water to the acid. For floors that are machine trowelled, make sure that the ration of stain is one to one. When you add water, you are able to control how deep the color will be. Try using the sprayer outside and ensure there is good flow before using it on the inside.

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Step 4#: Apply the Acidic Stain

When you are applying the stains, you should make sure that the spray is about 18 inches above the floor. The spraying should be in random and it’s imperative that the floor be made wet. The acid that forms part of the stain reacts with lime thus giving it a hue appearance. The places where there is more lime will turn to be darker. The first and second coat should be separated by an hour. Repeat the process until when the floor reaches the desired color.

Step 5#: Neutralize the Stain

The hydrochloric acid which is found in the stain should be neutralized using one part of ammonia and four parts of water. The mixture of water and ammonia should be applied using a two gallon plastic pump sprayer.

Step 6#: Clean the Floor

Make sure that you allow the floor to dry and clean it using a mop. Any extra water should be vacuumed up and the floor should be allowed to dry before you start sealing.

Step 7#: Seal the Floor

This is very important as it really helps to prevent the floor from everyday wear and tear. There are many types of concrete sealers that can be used to achieve this goal. The sealers should be applied in multiple layers rather than a whole one.

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