Stress-Free & Affordable Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom


Home renovations come with a certain connotation. It conjures up images of contractors with goggles protecting their eyes and jeans dirty with plaster, and the interior of your walls exploded across the room. While this is certainly one way to remodel your home, you don’t always need to rely on such drastic measures to welcome change into your space. Side-step the stress, the mess, and the cost of an intensive renovation by checking in with this guide for revamping your bedroom.

Clean-up and de-clutter.


One of the fastest, least expensive ways to change the look and feel of a space is by cleaning it. When clutter collects on bedside tables and corners, it can make your room seem a lot smaller than it is. Spend a weekend organizing your space. If you have an exceptionally small bedroom, it can be a challenge. Check in with small space experts to see how they deal with keeping a tiny bedroom clutter-free. They can help you develop habits that reduce the amount of clutter you make in general, while offering up insightful organizational tips to keep your spaces clear.

Change up your lighting.


Stuck with harsh overhead lighting that washes you out? Or do you only have one tiny bedside lamp that’s so dim you can barely read your copy of The Great Alone? Making a subtle change to the way you light your bedroom can make it seem like a totally different space. If your lights are too harsh, consider installing a dimmer. It can even out some of the overhead glare you battle with daily. Alternatively, you can also get a few standing lamps to add some brightness to a dark room. Consider your choice of lightbulb carefully. Iridescent bulbs cast a much warmer glow than LED or fluorescent lighting.

Install new blinds or curtains.


A new style of blinds or curtains in a bright new color can revamp your bedroom drastically, for very little work. Choose self-installed blinds to keep your costs low. If you have an unusually sized window, you’ll have to refer to the professionals for help. This will make modernizing your windows a little more expensive but not by too much when you stick with modest blind options. If it’s still something that may be hard for your budget to accommodate, put this remodelling technique on the back burner. As you wait, take the time to look up ways you can bankroll this new addition. If you’re already struggling to make ends meet, this guide can help you save money. Designed by financial experts who understand how challenging tight budgets can be, it’s filled with saving tips that work with even the most modest budgets. Try out their suggestions, and you might be able to cut out frivolous spending, so you can save for a new blind.

Pick up cast-off paints.


An unsightly or outdated color in the bedroom isn’t just a fashion eye-sore. It can prevent you from finding comfort in the room you’re meant to sleep in. Unfortunately, painting isn’t always cheap. Depending on the size of the room, you may need multiple gallons of paint in order to give each wall enough coats. You can keep your costs low by being flexible with your color choices. Head to your local hardware store and see if they have any colors you like in their cast-off section. This section is filled with the paint returned by another customer. Since they’re already pre-mixed, the store ends up selling them for a discounted price. In some cases, you can save over half of the original cost of the paint.

Sometimes, renovating your home involves a month-long, detailed plan that guts your interiors. Sometimes, it’s as simple as buying a new lamp. When you’re in the mood for change this spring, but your budget isn’t ready for a huge renovation, try these simple, stress-free, and affordable remodelling tips.