Tangga House Singapore by Guz Architects

Tangga House in Singapore is a project of Guz Architects, who seek to produce refreshing architecture that is tranquil, inspired by nature, yet human in scale. The house designed in 2007 is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional courtyard house, laid out around a central green courtyard with a double height stair and entry area forming the focal point of the project. The L-shaped plan creates open spaces which encourage natural ventilation and offer resident’s views over the courtyard to the verandah, roof gardens and beyond.  Appearing as a series of gardens, vegetation on each level is different: the perimeter of the site is marked by the presence of numerous trees, bamboo reefs and bushes; the suspended garden on the top floor comprises of an interior L of wall plants and an exterior L of flowery bushes. The interior courtyard is predominantly green. Seen from the outside, the dominant elements of the house are the horizontal of the top floor garden and the slightly drawn-in line of its roof.

The large roof above the courtyard creates an indoor and outdoor space leading to the gardens and swimming pool with glass top which wraps around two sides of the house.

Architects: Guz Architects
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Project Architect: Gan Ren Ying
C & S Engineer: MSE Consultants
M & E Engineer: Herizal Fitri Consultants
Main Contractor: Sun Ho Construction
Project Year: 2007
Source for Tangga House Singapore by Guz Architects

Photos: Patrick Bingham Hall

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