Taulia, Best Creative Design Ideas

In the heart of San Francisco resides Taulia, a financial supply chain that strives to create innovative strategies in order for external companies to produce huge savings.

They were in search for a commercial interior designer that could bring about attractive, fun, & contemporary elements to their work area in order build the ambiance of their office space, & enhance work performance.

Their business purpose in general gave us a lot creative design ideas to work with as they dealt with a lot high end brands, as well as international clients, & had locations globally.
Our goal was to transform this vacant industrial space & provide it with a mid century contemporary vibe that was inviting to employees & visitors alike.

For the lounge area we used bold neutral color wall paint with pops of colorful furnishings such as sofas, pillows, innovative center tables/pieces.

Each room ranging from the conference rooms, work area, reception area, & lounge area had themes complimented by a collection of various furnishings to highlight the space.

We used international post stamps, abstract art work, patterned theme wallpaper, & unique wall art that contained positive words & locations all over the world to create an entertaining environment that tied back to Taulia’s main function. The project turned out to be a delight & fun space for everyone to work in.

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