The advantages of gardening by Michael Osland

There is more to gardening than making your house look good!

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When you care for plants, it can do wonders for your wellbeing. Gardening involves physical strain that can help to maintain balanced blood pressure levels and maintain a healthy weight. And when you interact with plants, it can boost your mental health and mood. 

Nature can impact people’s wellness and health. It can help to bring down your cortisol and help you feel better. So, you can get set and roll up your sleeves to get planting. 

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Michael Osland shares the benefits of gardening.

According to Michael Osland, some of the essential benefits of gardening are:

  1. It helps to build your self-esteem

You indeed were not born with a green thumb! However, when you have spent adequate time planting, tilling, harvesting, and nurturing the plants, you might see yourself differently in the mirror. You can grow things, and gardening has made you become in sync with the earth. You will feel good to complete new tasks. And once you develop a garden, you will get a boost in your self-esteem to accomplish other targets as well. 

  1. It is good for the heart

The planting, weeding, and digging you undergo during gardening can burn calories and helps you to strengthen your heart. Gardening and its physical labor have several benefits. The hard work that you put into the garden can offer you immense cardiovascular advantages. 

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  1. It helps to reduce stress

Gardening can help to minimize stress and symptoms of depression. It gives you the scope to concentrate on something and allows you to work hard. Mental engagement is essential today as so many people are prone to depression. Hence, when you get involved in gardening, you have a better mood which can combat stress. 

  1. It makes you happy by Michael Osland

At times getting your hands and nails dirty leads to happiness. When you inhale M.vaccae, a healthy bacteria that live in the soil, your serotonin level increases. It also helps to bring down your anxiety level. 

  1. It enhances hand strength

All the planting, pulling, and digging have more to offer than producing plants. Gardening is effective in maximizing hand strength. It helps you to keep your fingers and hands strong for as long as you can. 

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  1. It’s good for the entire family

Gardening can both be a solo activity or a chance for others to bond and unite. You can get your family and friends involved in gardening as well. The stress relief and happiness that gardening provides are great when you share it with your loved ones. If you have kids, they can also enjoy gardening. When you do all the digging and planting, you can witness several health benefits, from minimizing autoimmune diseases to allergies. 

  1. It gives a boost to vitamin D

When you have a healthy percentage of vitamin D, your calcium levels get to the right balance. It helps your immune system and the bones. Exposure to sunlight is essential for everyone as it increases the dose of vitamin D. 

These are some of the essential advantages of gardening. It’s time to get yourself and your loved ones involved in gardening and reap the benefits. 

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