The Best Landline Phones Designs of 2020

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In spite of the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, you will find that there are times when the only phone that can help you is a landline. It could be that you are running a business or that you don’t want to have to deal with spotty mobile phone signals when you’re at home relaxing on your sofa.

If you have read ThemeScene’s cheapest landline phone guide you are probably on a good plan by now.  so what’s next you may ask? Well you haven’t seen nothing yet with these new home phone designs

Landline phones have been around for as long as many people can remember. As such, many have come to associate a landline phone with an ugly design, and the lack of essential features such as broadband. But who said that landlines had to be ugly? Their design has clearly undergone some changes in the last few years.

Here’s a look at some of the best landline phones of 2020:

1. Panasonic Premium Design Series Kx-Prs120

If you are looking to compare phone deals, this is basically the best landline phone that you can buy today. Reasons to buy it include:

• Stylish design

• Nuisance call blocking

• Graphical user interface

• Large easy-to-read display

This is one of the Premium designs from Panasonic, and its stylistic design shows this. It combines a curved back for ergonomics and style, a large keypad containing square-shaped number keys, and a smartphone-like graphical user interface, which provides you with access to all its available options. The phone is not only stylish, but it also has brains. You can use its Caller ID to block unwanted calls.

2. Gigaset C570a Comfort Telephone

For those looking for the best phone deals, the Gigaset C570a Comfort Telephone is a premium phone offering nothing but the best premium features.

The reasons to buy it include:

• ‘Jumbo mode’ containing extra-large numbers

• Stylish design

• Illuminated keys

• Large color display

This phone proves that broadband shouldn’t be the only reason you invest in a phone. It features a widely spaced illuminated keypad, a user-friendly interface, and a color display. It has a smartphone-like appearance and comes packed with all kinds of features, e.g., a 200 contact address book.

3. Idect Eclipse Plus

As you compare phone deals, you are likely to come across the Idect Eclipse Plus, which is described by many as a landline phone with a difference.

The reasons to buy it include:

• Stylish eye-catching design

• Blue backlit display

• DECT Cordless

The Idect Eclipse Plus comes with an incredible elliptical design that helps you make a statement in whichever room you choose to place it. It’s comfortable to hold close to your ear and comes with curved slots that align with its base very well.

It also features large and easy to read buttons that simplify the call dialing process. As is the case with many other modern landlines, it also helps you to block or silence those unwanted calls.


Your search for the best phone deals should help you discover BT HALO. This is a stylish cordless phone that features a host of extensive call controls.

The reasons to acquire this landline phone will include:

• Long talk and standby time

• Stylish design

• Bluetooth for mobile calls

• Nuisance call blocking

The BT HALO is a one-of-a-kind landline that is both practical and stylish. It features a slim, black handset featuring a circular silver-colored base station and a color display. It also comes with an awesomely in-built answer machine. This phone is definitely a looker. But it’s the features inside it that make it a worthy investment.

It comes with in-built Bluetooth connectivity that you can use to pair with any cellphone. This means that you can take and make calls using your BT HALO handset without ever worrying about the signal dropping off.             

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