The decorations of a good life – flowers

From ancient times to the present, flowers bloom with ten thousand colors and a thousand postures, like fairies given to the earth by the creator.

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They show themselves and let us see what beauty looks like, so flowers always have a beautiful, sacred symbol that can convey love, blessings, memorials. People give flowers a lot of meaning, which inexplicably has a sense of discretion, in recent years, the rise of “life aesthetics”, we are more and more concerned about the appearance of the atmosphere in their lives, “flowers” has quietly integrated in our daily life. Various items, clothing, creations, as long as the theme of “flowers” will be integrated into most people’s eyes, now back to the flowers themselves, look at the flowers have become a necessary item in our daily life.

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One of the ways to practice the good life is to visit the flower market

Perhaps most people have the same impression that they only need to go to the flower market to buy flowers during the New Year holidays or when visiting friends and relatives, and see different kinds of flowers in bunches. Recently, more and more people are paying attention to creating a beautiful atmosphere in their lives, and many people are starting to decorate their lives by placing a bouquet of delicate flowers in their homes. Slowly, visits to the flower market are becoming as frequent as shopping. Go to the flower market! Feel the beauty of those looks. IF you want to find a way to China flower delivery, welcome to 

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

In the flower market, your eyes are completely filled with all kinds and groups of flowers, and it is a bright and colorful yet gentle and romantic healing. Even if some of the flowers are not yet trimmed and lack of packaging, you can still feel the beauty of each flower itself – the gradation of colors or saturation, which is difficult for machines to imitate and blend; the gesture of budding or blooming, which does not feel pretentious and deliberate, is the magic of flowers!

Street florists will be unpackaged flowers placed in buckets and buckets in front of the store, like a decorative item, dotted on the side of the street, pedestrians passing by will always be unconsciously attracted, more than a couple of eyes will instantly change mood.

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No need to have a bouquet of flowers on a particularly important day

Flowers can always make us stand out in the crowd. In the past, people always felt a little awkward and uncomfortable walking around with flowers in their hands, so they would be eager to take them home and put them away. And now, bouquets have gone from having a purpose before having to buy them, to having them decorated in your own usual outfit. Putting a bouquet of flowers in a big bag when you go out to create a cozy look or putting it in a summer wicker bag will give you a fresh and uncomplicated feeling. In addition to the prevalence of street photography and Instagram image management, carrying and holding a bouquet of flowers can make the picture better. It is not really necessary to use the bouquet for anything, as it is already incorporated into the daily wear of decorations.

Because of this, bouquets have quietly started to differ from the past and become more popular with simpler packaging. Wrapped in kraft paper or tied with string, small bouquets that are easy to carry are also gaining popularity. Although not as gorgeous as the previous bouquets with layers of packaging, they feel more delicate and detailed, yet they are also more lifelike and can be owned by ordinary people.

Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

Flowers have unknowingly become our daily life decorations, to bring us more good mood. Just make having flowers a part of your daily life, you don’t need a reason to buy flowers!

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