The Different Types of Ottoman Coffee Tables to Select from for Your Room Décor

Today, most homeowners are opting in for the ottoman coffee table. And there are good reasons for this choice. Between concentrating on practical home décor and shrinking on home sizes, an ottoman coffee table has a lot of things to offer. 

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However, not many people know what this furniture is all about. 

To explain in simple words, an ottoman coffee table is a blend of a coffee table and an ottoman for coming up with a single piece of furniture. Generally, a round ottoman coffee table is slightly bigger in size than the standard ottoman and occupies ample space for all to gather around and have access to it. Some people have also called this furniture a cocktail ottoman. 

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In general, the cocktail ottoman comes with the features of a bigger table or surface, which usually measures up to 36 inches wide or even more than that. It is wide enough to accommodate a classy serving tray and also offers a robust surface for drinks if you want. This table exceeds in size than the conventional coffee table, and it’s known for its versatility. Also, an ottoman coffee table is a good value addition to your living room space or any other room décor. 

The different types of ottoman coffee table

Today, the market is replete with different kinds of ottoman coffee tables. You can choose based on what you want, your budget capacity, home space, and décor preferences. Some of the popular types to choose from include the following:

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash
  1. The regular ottoman coffee table that has a slide – Here you can obtain a soft and hard surface in one table. It is usually a 100% polyester squab that can move the wooden table to accommodate all your guests and the coffee cups. And the available roller wheels can help with the movement depending on your requirement. 
  2. A square ottoman table – It’s time to say goodbye to the conventional coffee table and opt-in for a footstool where you can keep the breakfast. The table comprises conjugate, polyester-blend fiber piece ties in one couch cushion and offers a place where you can keep your tired feet. 
  3. The new-age coffee table ottoman – Usually, this is a grid-styled and grey table that has a C-shape couch and comes with 100% polyester. 
  4. White rectangular table along with a gold base – Do you want an ottoman coffee table to provide a hard surface? Here the inlet can offer support to a flower vase and other metallic ornaments. You can seat the wood, polyurethane, nickel, and cream couch to give it a lounge feel. 
  5. The new-age table that comes with storage – This robust ottoman coffee table is more of a table instead of a seat. It uses a protective clear coat as its varnish and has upholstered cushioning. You can place it along the hallway for putting on and taking off the shoes. And you can lift the top to come across the storage space where you can keep things like magazines. 
  6. The new-age multifunction table that comes with a serving tray – This table has the ease of a thick ottoman along with the comfort of the lift-top coffee table. Furthermore, this ottoman coffee table also comes with a tray that enables you to access the internal storage and not disturb any of the items you out on the table top. You can find this table in a durable wooden frame and it comes in white or black color that can hold up to 265 pounds. 
  7. A tufted green table – Do you want to add more colors in your lounging space? If yes, you can opt-in for a green ottoman coffee table that highlights its beech wood legs. 
  8. Modern tufted table with acrylic sides – Today, many homeowners want to opt-in for an ottoman with a shelf beneath. And such a table provides you the space to rest your feet and a place to keep your belongings, like light ornaments. It comes with a stunning acrylic framing which can add a spark to the lounge space. It can also prove to be the best vanity seating for your bedroom and have good stiletto storage beneath. 
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These are some of the best options available for an ottoman coffee table! However, while all these are stunning choices for your house, you need to decide depending on your requirement. Also, if you are planning to change the living space décor, you must have allotted a budget for the same. It’s essential to ensure that the ottoman coffee table is available within your budget. It should also complement your overall home décor and make nothing appear out of place and odd. Take time to browse through the available options and make an intelligent choice based on all the crucial factors that you need to consider. 

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