The Essentials Of Outdoor Living In Florida

Florida residents live for sunshine, sandy beaches, and salt-infused sea breeze coming off ocean waters. As much as we would all love to have our Florida homes right on the water, many of us find refuge in four walls atop a concrete slab, calling this fortress our home.

The advantage that we do have in Florida is that we can seamlessly create the ultimate outdoor living space to take advantage of some of the most beautiful climates in the world. Sure, it gets a little steamy during the summer months, but there is nothing like the coolness of crisp fall air as you step out onto your patio and enjoy an evening with family and friends.

Turning Your Outdoor Space Into An Entertainment Oasis

Many people wish for additional square footage in and around their homes, yet they fail to utilize and optimize their outdoor square footage as well. With a little creativity and innovation, you can make the most uneventful concrete slab into something warm and inviting. Follow these simple tips for optimizing your outdoor space and get ready to create some fantastic memories in your beautiful oasis:

1. Install A Lanai

Originating in Hawaii, the lanai is a perfect transition between indoor and outdoor living. A lanai is a partially-covered passageway between indoor and outdoor living spaces, and it provides a wonderful setting for sitting, relaxing, eating, and entertaining. The lanai trend symbolizes a homeowner’s intent to live in harmony and communion with nature, bringing the comforts of indoor living and beginning to mesh with nature. A lanai could attach to one side of your home, or it could encompass the entire structure, giving way to the expanse of your outdoor square footage. Once you decide and design this aspect of your outdoor living space, the sky’s the limit with respect to how you adorn your patio space.

2. Install An Outdoor Kitchen

We Floridians have the luxury of being able to cook outdoors, virtually year round. Installing an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area will bring the party outside and make way for some delicious meals and heart-warming fellowship with loved ones. A few well-placed appliances that blend well with surrounding landscaping make your utilitarian kitchen seem like it was always meant to be. Now all you have to do is find some equally impressive recipes to try in your outdoor space.

3. Don’t Forget The Bar!

What’s a few well-grilled brats and burgers without the beer? If you want to be the perfect host, consider the perfect addition of an outdoor bar to your kitchen and dining area. Keep it stocked simply, or go all out with embellishments, refrigerator, and cocktail umbrellas–you choose how you want to party, and know that you can provide the ultimate food and drink experience right there in your backyard.

4. Beautiful, Lush Greenery

Unless your property is lined with vibrant blooms and lush palm trees, you’re likely to need a little green pick-me-up to enhance your outdoor space. Some well-placed patio plants and hanging pots will add depth and beauty to your surroundings, while providing a more inviting atmosphere for you and for guests. Add vibrant pops of color with seasonal blooms for an even brighter experience in your outdoor living room, and look forward to having the opportunity to change greenery with the seasons if you choose. Get creative, and see how you can transform your space into your own personal oasis.

5. SMART Home Features And Entertainment

Gone are the days when you have to go back inside to see the score; with outdoor television and home stereo components, you can have all of the comforts of indoor living in your patio space. Adding features like lighting, surround sound speakers, and outdoor television will make it difficult for you to ask your guests to leave at the end of a beautiful evening; make sure you know where the remotes are hiding so you can let people know when it’s time to leave the party!

6. Swimming And Wading Pools

A pool is an essential for a Florida home; it is a central piece for meeting, cooling, and getting some tolerable exercise on hot Florida days. It is also the perfect backdrop for poolside gatherings and parties by night. The addition of wading pools, waterfalls, and other landscaping treasures will transform your backyard into a luxurious, spa-like experience for you and invited guests.

7. Comfortable Outdoor Seating Spaces

Providing comfortable places to sit and engage in conversation, eating, and television watching will justify your use of this outdoor space nearly year round. Outdoor furniture has improved greatly in recent years; with comfortable design, durability to withstand inclement weather, and attractive colors and styles, you’ll wonder why it has to be kept outdoors. Whether you buy individual pieces or an outdoor living space package, providing this extra level of comfort and opulence will have you using this space more than your indoor living room.

8. Amazing Flooring

One of the least expensive yet most versatile options for your outdoor space is a great concrete base on which to seamlessly tie everything together. Coming in a range of styles, colors, and finishes, you are likely to find something that works for your style, your needs, and your budget. Concrete flooring is available in large slab or tile options, and with concrete’s durability and ease of cleanup, it will no doubt be a cost-effective option that you will not replace anytime soon.

How’s Your Existing Concrete?

With concrete being a staple in and around most Florida homes, keeping it primed and in good condition is essential to extending its life and improving your home’s value. There are concrete resurfacing West Palm Beach services that offer consultation, repair and replacement of your outdoor patio space. Places such as Creative Resurfacing Solutions have service technicians who are knowledgeable, professional, and committed to providing you with the best value around your outdoor living spaces. A more beautiful and functional outdoor living oasis is in your future!


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