The Story of Bauhaus Furniture

How much do you know about Bauhaus and the furniture? Have you ever thought about the whole idea of furniture going by the name Bauhaus and where it came from? Many people love the products coming from this line, but the reality is that very few understand it. We are going to look at the whole history behind this great furniture called Bauhaus.

The History

Bauhaus is a type of style used in making various types of furniture. You will find this design mostly in offices and even homes since Bauhaus furniture is quite popular, and their influence even in the modern world is excellent. The first thing that is known about this type of furniture is that it came from the Bauhaus school. As a result, there were Bauhaus artists who understand so much about the style of developing modern, sleek, yet amazing furniture.

Bauhaus Style

The style used in making the Bauhaus type of furniture is unique. It brings out the influence of Bauhaus, and it is unique in its own. One thing is that it is a type of furniture that is made from plywood forms, glass slabs, steel tubing, and the use of simple geometry. However, the Bauhaus designs and style have made them popular all across the world.

Who Are The Predecessors?

The first thing is that it is a style that is known to bring innovation. However, we cannot fail to recognize Deutscher Werkbund, which was formed by the German government to encourage German design in 1907. The group went ahead to come up with different models of furniture and other objects, such as teapots and industrial materials. 

In 1917, which was two years before the founding of Bauhaus, a Dutch art movement was founded by the name of De Stiji. This is an organization that started introducing many schools to design. They emphasize on geometry forms and the use of color palettes.

The Early Bauhaus

Bauhaus art was founded in 1919, and it came as a furniture workshop that was introduced in the institution. However, within a short time, it gained popularity within the institution hence making it one of the best departments. At the beginning of Bauhaus art, they created objects or pieces that borrowed the designs of their predecessors. However, theirs had more cutting-edge materials, and the production techniques were improved.

As time passed, Bauhaus kept on improving their products and designs. Within no time, they had introduced people to their very own unique style and quality materials. Some of their landmarks include:

·                     This chair with a colorful woven seat was made by Marcel Breuer and Gunta Stolzl in 1921. It was built from wood with traditional form but with bold palette colors of red, blue, and yellow. With grey and black accents.

·                     B3/Wassily Chair was made by Breuer in 1925. It was considered Breuer’s famous B3 chair. Later, it was dubbed “Wassily.” The chair was made out of steel tubes that were extruded. The seat and back were made of strips of durable leather.

Bauhaus school and their furniture department introduced the world to so much. The department came up with various amazing furniture designs that are used up to now. Many people are using their furniture, or they do not know it.


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