Things to know about reclining sofa with chaise

Although the word sofa dates back to 2,000 BC in ancient Egypt, the couch, as you know it today, was invented in 1985 by Jay Couch.

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Since its invention, it has enjoyed a ubiquitous presence in drawing rooms worldwide. Your living room would wear an empty look without this piece of furniture, besides lacking the style and functionality that it lends. Sofas vary in their dimensions, styles, features, and size, for instance, camelback, mid-century modern, chesterfield, and sectional. A reclining sofa with chaise is a couch that amalgamates the advantages of a chaise and a recliner. You will love it if you have not tried it before, as it allows you to stretch your legs while pushing your chair as far back as you require until you are in a comfortable position. But before you buy this kind of sofa, here are some details you ought to be aware of. 

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As mentioned above, a chaise recliner contains features and functionalities of both a chaise and a recliner, so it would be helpful to have an idea about them. 


A chaise sofa, or, as some people call it, a chaise lounge, refers to a chair on which you can stretch your legs as far as you want. Until a few years ago, they combined the features of a couch and a daybed. People mostly use it for indoor purposes, although some prefer using it as deck chairs. 


A recliner is a sofa that moves backward when you raise its front by a manual lever or automatic remote button. You can push it as far back as you want, as it also fulfills the functions of a bed. 

Chaise recliner sofa

A chaise recliner allows you to stretch your legs as far ahead as possible while comfortably pushing the couch backward, front, or in any comfortable position. Modern chaise lounges come in various designs, including sectionals, which enable you to configure the sofa as per your interior design preferences. 

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Why should you buy these kinds of sofas?

A reclining chaise sofa carries plenty of benefits, both physically and aesthetically. It offers you the comforts of a bed while taking up very little space. It is ideal for those long evenings when you want to cozy up while binge-watching a show, reading your book, or even spending quality time with your loved ones. It places your body in complete rest by supporting your spine and back and elevating your legs. Elevating your legs takes care of inflammation, decreases blood pressure, and provides relief from conditions like varicose veins. If you buy a power motion reclining sofa, you can reach a standing or sleeping position by simply touching a button. A recliner with a chaise will also help ease your joint pain, while people suffering from GERD, back pain, or sleep apnea will enjoy a better quality of sleep with this fantastic piece of furniture. 

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Types of reclining chaise sofas 

Even though you might encounter various reclining sofas, the two most popular ones are sectionals and single sofas, with several differences. Sectionals refer to sofas consisting of several independent sections that you can arrange according to your sitting requirements. They usually contain one or more power inclining seats, have a right arm facing, left arm facing, or armless combinations, and have a chaise for stretching your legs. Reclining sectionals with chaise are either L-shaped with more than five cushions and a connecting seat, generally located in the middle, or U-shaped, with chairs, equally distributed on both sides. You can find sectionals with chaise and reclining in natural fibers and those made from top-grain leather. A single sofa is a single unit recliner and contains a chaise on the left or the right side of the couch, depending on the style. 

Things to consider while buying chaise recliners:


Although the specific features might vary from one model to another, top-quality chaise recliners have various features, such as a hidden USB port in the recliner panel. You can subtly change the sofa’s position since the buttons would not be visible to everybody. It might also contain cup holders to place your coffee mug, cup, or any other item in which you enjoy your drink. 

Size of the chaise lounge chair

You should also check the size before purchasing the sofa, ensuring that it is wide enough to adjust your legs comfortably. While a longer one will not be of any inconvenience, a shorter one will not be useful to you.

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Layout style

Layout refers to how you can arrange a piece of furniture. You will find most recliners with arrangements like compact sectional or combo sectional. You could also check if you have the option to design your layout and make any additions you feel are necessary. 

A reclining sofa with a chaise will complete your drawing room, lending it a stylish aura that impresses guests at first glance while offering you the coziest spot in the house. Besides hosting your wonderful evenings and long hanging out sessions, it will also provide various physical benefits to your body.