This Old House Couple’s Mattress Collection

Sharing a bed as a new couple can be an exciting step to take in your relationship.

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However, what happens if you find that you’re both completely incompatible when it comes to sleeping? It might be difficult to overcome if one of you is a heavy snorer and the other is a light sleeper. But there are better solutions than having to sleep in separate rooms. One way to improve your sleep compatibility is to invest in a mattress for couples. These are perfectly designed to help couples become great sleep mates and enable them to get the good night’s sleep they deserve. Keep reading and discover This Old House’s couple’s mattress collection so you can improve your night-time routines.

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DreamCloud Original

If you want to bring a hotel elegance to your bedroom, then the DreamCloud Original is the mattress for you. It’s a hybrid mattress that combines coils and memory foam to create the perfect couple’s bed. The coils are able to move independently, allowing them to keep any motion isolated to that side of the bed. Memory foam is also extremely comfortable and motion absorbing too. This bed works well for couples with differing sleep schedules or patterns and allows both of you to get the peaceful rest you deserve. It may be a little more expensive than your older one, but it’s definitely worth the money as it can help restore your sleep imbalance as a couple. 

Nectar Original

If you’d like to venture into the world of gel memory foam, then be sure to check out the Nectar Original mattress. When a couple first moves in together, affordability is quite a big thing to consider, especially when you need to buy a lot of new furniture as well. Good mattresses can sometimes feel like they’re way out of budget, but the Nectar Original actually gives you a decent price and a comfortable bed. The gel technology springs back almost instantly when you move around so it helps to reduce the feeling of motion. This mattress is wonderful for those couples who find themselves waking up every time the other one moves. So, if you’re wanting to get more sleep and not break the bank, make sure you give the Nectar Original a chance. 

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Helix Midnight

When sharing a bed, you need to ensure that both of you are fully supported, and your spines are kept in a neutral position. The Helix Midnight mattress can do just that! A hybrid mattress that relieves all pressure on the body is exactly what you need at night in order to sleep comfortably. The coils also help increase the airflow, keeping you both cool despite your body heat. This can be great for those who sleep hot as you don’t need to rely on fans to keep your body temperature down. The second material used is foam and it’s brilliant at isolating any motion from your partner moving about. This can be particularly useful for couples who have different sleeping schedules as you won’t disturb the other even if you have to get up earlier than them. If one of you works nights or you simply wake up at the tiniest noise, then you should welcome the Helix Midnight into your life. 

Nolah Evolution

If you’ve had the same old mattress since you both first moved in together, then it might be time to upgrade it to something a little more luxurious. The Nolah Evolution is a hybrid mattress that utilises foam and coils to really give you the best of both worlds. Although the price of this wonderful mattress is a little higher than the others on this list, it’s definitely worth it. The Nolah Evolution is infused with a cooling graphite to help keep you both from overheating at night and it’s also fantastic at relieving pressure. The other layers of foam are able to absorb any motion with ease, helping you leave the other person snoozing away no matter how many times you have to get up and down during the night. 

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Brooklyn Bedding Titan

If you both need a super firm mattress, then the Brooklyn Bedding Titan is exactly what you need. It was designed specifically for heavier sleepers and it’s one of the top-rated mattresses for supportiveness. Sleeping on your stomach can put a lot of pressure on your neck and spine, so it’s crucial that you find a mattress that will keep them properly aligned. The Titan is extremely firm, so it can provide support to even the heaviest sleepers. It’s also great for keeping you both cool as it has a bonus panel with the latest cooling technology. There are even added coils that really help open up the ventilation of such a firm mattress. Don’t miss out on this giant of a mattress and you’ll both feel the benefits! 

Bear Hybrid

Some couples find it impossible to sleep comfortably next to each other in the same bed as the extra body heat massively increases your own temperature. Being too hot at night makes it impossible to sleep, so opting for a cooling mattress can be a great solution for you both. The Bear Hybrid is the ideal mattress for hot sleepers, and it can easily help keep you cool. Comprised of foam and innerspring coils, the Bear Hybrid is also excellent at isolating movement. The cooling layer and motion reduction can be just what you need when sharing a bed, so why not give the Bear Hybrid a try. 

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A lot of couples find it hard to sleep well next to each other as there are so many variables that can impact your sleep. However, the resolution to your night-time woes is a lot simpler than you think. Opting for a mattress that can cater to both your needs as a couple can offer you both a great night’s sleep and help keep you from bickering when the other keeps tossing and turning. If you want to improve your bedtime routine with your partner, then you definitely need to explore mattresses designed for couples. You’ll be astounded at the difference it can make. 

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