Tips For Choosing Restaurant Bar Stools

If your restaurant has a counter area where customers can sit and eat or a bar area, then you will need to get suitable bar stools. With the incredible choice of styles, colors, and designs available it can be difficult to choose. Not only that but there are practical considerations like the height of the stool, the weight, comfort, and whether it is easy to move. Even though it may be challenging to choose restaurant chairs it can be even more challenging to find the right bar stools for a restaurant. So here are a few tips to point you in the right direction. 

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Restaurant Bar Stools Must be Comfortable

The height of the stool, the seat, and the backrest will determine if a bar stool is comfortable. If your customers will be sitting on the bar stools for the duration of a meal then the seat should be padded. You can get bar stools with padded seats upholstered in vinyl or in fabric. And if your customers are going to be in your restaurant for a while they will need a backrest for extra comfort. A backrest provides proper posture and the chance to lean back and relax. You can choose a backrest that is padded and upholstered in the same way as the seat, or get a plain wood or metal backrest. Either way, a backrest will add to your customers’ comfort. To make a restaurant stool comfortable, think about adding a footrest. This way even if the stool is high, your customers still have somewhere to put their feet. 

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The Correct Height of a Restaurant Bar Stool

When you are deciding the correct height for your bar stools the first thing to consider is the height of the counter or bar. If the stool is not the right height it will be completely impractical and your customers won’t be able to reach their food or drinks. For example, if your countertop is 41-43 inches from the ground, then you should choose bar stools that are 29-32 inches tall. If your counter or bar is 44 inches or higher, you will need a bar stool 33-36 inches high. Another way to determine the perfect height of your restaurant bar stools is to measure the space between the table and the top of the stool seat. The space between the top of the seat and the countertop should be 9.8-11.8 inches. If your countertop is 43 inches or higher, then the space between the stool seat and the countertop can be as high as 13.7inches. One of the easiest rules of thumb when choosing the height of bar stools is to consider if your customers could put their elbows on the counter comfortably.

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Backrest or Not Backrest – That is the Question

Backrests definitely add comfort for your customers. There is no question about that. But you still need to decide if stools with a backrest are the right choice for your establishment. 

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Other Design Elements to Consider When Choosing Restaurant Bar Stools

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