Tips to Choose the Correct Rug

Rugs add an artistic value to a room design and are also a great way to decorate the rooms. They are soft and cushioned as well. They provide excellent comfort and warmness over wood or a concrete floor.

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You can also use area rugs throughout the home instead of installing new flooring. The only thing is that the rug should match your floor which is the frame of it. It is surely a tricky thing to select the perfect rug for the home.

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Designers always suggest you to start from the area rugs first when it is a new construction or a remodeling of a house. So, you can choose colors for walls, paintings based on the rug color. The most fundamental rule is, the area rug should be at least 6 inches and it should not be more than 2 feet away from the wall.

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Choose the room where you want to use the rug and take measurements depending on the space that you would like to cover. The primary key to add perfect area rug is to find the rug which is perfect. Hence, take the measurements carefully.

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An 8 x 10 foot rug or larger size will work great in your living room, master bedroom and dining room. Area rug should be used as the focal point in a room. It won’t look good if a very small piece of rug is selected for the space it serves. The rug should be large enough to completely hold the sofa sets of the living room. You can use two rugs if you want to separate living room. In case if you are looking for home offices, smaller bedrooms or under the coffee table in living rooms, a 5 x 8 foot area rug is a perfect choice. For a dining area, you can choose a rug large enough to accommodate all the dining table chairs even when they are pulled out.

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The two primary factors to consider when choosing a rug are: your lifestyle and your personal style. You are going to use the rug for a long time; hence you need to ensure that it is a perfect match for your lifestyle. Next, you have to decide the place where you like to place the rug, like living room or hallway. If you have young children or pets, you should get a rug that is easy to clean and durable. Rugs made of woolen, sea grass or synthetic blend will be a perfect choice in that case. Also, it is good to remember that a dark-colored rug can hide stains.

If you want to give a contemporary look to your rooms, you can think about a large floral pattern or stunning geometric shapes. Square, circle and rectangular shapes of area rugs are available in the market and you can choose one based on your furniture style. You can consider subdued colors or classic patterns in subtle shades in order to add warmth and relaxing mode. A large bathroom is the right choice to use a round rug. If you purchase a beautifully designed rug, avoid placing any furniture on top of it so that you could see the design from any angle. Bold patterns on a small rug can make a room look bigger.

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You can use rug pads in order to prevent rug from slipping from the desired place. It also adds another comfort layer and protects the rug for years. Two types of rug pads: eco-stay pad and premium pad. Eco-stay pads are made from 100% plant-based oils. Premium pads are made from post-industrial fibers and it is suitable for any kind of flooring.

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