Tips to Get the Pendant Lights Right

The pendant fixtures are a popular lighting choice for an array of rooms. Awareness of a few points will prove a great help in selecting the right fixture for a specific location as well as the height they should be hung at. Here are a few ways to start using them:

Over a Table: The recommended height to hang pendants above a table is from 28 to 32 feet. However, the fixtures can be hung a little lower or higher depending on personal preferences, size, fixture and the ceiling height. Find out if the fixture is to offer ambient or task light and select a fixture that meets the lighting needs of the location. The large drum pendants hung over a table do not just anchors vignette but if placed on a dimmer, it can provide with a bright light needed to conduct tasks at the table and softer lights during dining. Hanging a number of pendants over a rectangular table is bound to prove its efficiency not just to light the surface of the table but for aesthetics as well.

In the Hallway: The fixtures hung in the hallway or the entry can add drama as well as beauty, casting shadows while providing light. If there are tall ceilings, make sure not to hang the designer lighting fixtures in Melbourne so high that they are out of sight. You can create a classic look easily by hanging an array of identical fixtures down the length of the hall. Take note of the doors extending under the fixture when opened ensuring that there is adequate clearance.


In Stairwell: The fixtures added here can add sculptural element and provide the requisite lighting. The key here lies in hanging the fixtures as high as possible so that there is adequate clearance and you do not face trouble while walking up and down the stairs. Around 18 to 24 inches clearance is recommended between the bottom of the fixture and the height of the tallest person in the house. No doubt a little less can do the job as well but most people will feel the need to duck while passing the fixture.

Above Island: Whenever we think of pendant lighting, the very first place that comes to mind is fixtures that are hung in the kitchen. They provide adequate task lights and help to reinforce the kitchen design. The pendants are better to place around 34 inches above the countertop or 72 inches above the floor. Remember to keep them high enough so that you are not left staring at the pendant light while standing.

By Bedside: These fixtures are now hung at bedside replacing the table lamps. These prove to be an effective way to light the area especially in case there is little room to set up a nightstand or table lamp. If there is enough room, you can opt for the chandeliers. You can also hang them at the foot of the bed. Remember to hang them high enough so that you do not hit your head while sitting on the bed as well as while getting out of it.

Decorating your house properly with the right pendant lights in Melbourne will allow you to transform the space with lights while saving energy.


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