Tips to hire an electrician in Brooklyn, NY!

An electrician is responsible for the installation of electrical equipment, wiring, and circuitry.

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An electrician ensures that projects are completed promptly while adhering to state and local electrical codes. They also conduct regular inspections of installations to ensure they meet or exceed safety standards. Electricians should have expert knowledge of electronics, know the different types of wiring and electrical systems, and be able to perform rewiring and circuit breaker installations.

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If you are hiring an electrician in Brooklyn, NY for the first time, we recommend following these tips.


Electricians should have a minimum of three years of experience with top-notch references. A proven track record is a good indicator that they can handle the job and complete it with quality results.


Make sure to hire an electrician who has proper licenses for their service area as well as proof of insurance coverage. This protects you as a client from liability, damage claims, and other potential issues caused by accidents during work.


Check to make sure your electrician is insured in case an accident happens on-site or due to negligence. Be aware that some homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover injuries incurred by a contractor’s employees on the job site if they are not designated as an “additional insured” on the policy. Legitimate contractors should be able to provide proof of insurance coverage upon request.

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Before hiring an electrician, check online for reviews to find out if they are in good standing with past clients. If you cannot find any information about this person, try asking the references they provide. You can also ask them for client referrals that you can contact directly. It is best to hire someone who has several good reviews and references rather than someone who only has a few but is all positive.


One of the best ways to avoid hiring an unreliable contractor is by obtaining client references before signing a contract or making a payment. Ask for three or four recent references from their portfolio. A pre-approval letter containing information about workmanship, timeliness, availability, and overall satisfaction may be helpful. If an electrician does not have references, try asking for a list of previous clients who can vouch for their work ethic and quality of service.

What are the types of electrical services they should offer?

There are many services an electrician can offer. Here are the most common types of electrical services you should expect:

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Fixtures and Faucets: 

Electricians install lighting fixtures, faucets, switches, outlets, fans, circuit breakers, and other electrical components in homes and businesses. They also know how to repair damaged wiring or faulty appliances. If they do not perform these tasks themselves, they can direct you to reliable professionals who do.

Expert Wiring:    

Electricians need to have extensive knowledge of safe wiring techniques. They should be able to handle all kinds of wiring projects including the addition of circuits and breaker boxes in a home or business establishment. Electricians work on both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring that wiring is up to code and meets the safety standards of the National Electric Code.

Electrical Panel Upgrade:

Electricians should be able to install a new electrical panel and circuit breakers to accommodate the addition of a water heater, central air unit, or other major appliance. They can also check for outdated wiring and make recommendations for newer electrical panel upgrade in Brooklyn, NY that are safer and more cost-efficient.

Emergency Repairs: 

If you have experienced an electrical fire or power outage because of faulty wiring, you need professionals to quickly address the problem. Electricians can help you restore electricity as soon as possible by checking the entire system from the main breaker box outward.

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Electrical Upgrades:    

Even if your house or business appears to be operating fine now, you may want to consider upgrading your wiring system soon before things go wrong. Hiring an electrician to check the building’s wiring system will help you prevent future accidents that are related to electrical malfunctions or bad wiring.

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