Tips to Provide Effective Training for Forklift Operators

In order for a forklift to operate safely and efficiently, it is crucial that those operating the machinery are fully trained. The forklift is an essential tool in many different working environments, including distribution centers, docks and more. Ensuring that your workers are properly trained and fully competent to operate the forklift in a safe manner should be a priority for any company.

The minimum requirements that the drivers who operate your forklift rentals

should meet the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as other federal agencies. Due to the different environment that the forklifts may be used in, the requirements may vary slightly from occupation to occupation. There are general tips you can use, however, to ensure that that all requirements are met for operators of forklifts for your business and that they will be operated safely.

Use the following tips to ensure that the person that you hire to train your forklift operators is doing so properly.

Check the Credentials

Prior to hiring an outside trainer, be sure that the person is qualified. These qualifications should be proven both on paper, as well as with previous experience.  Also, if you hire a third party forklift trainer they should provide certification for the employees that complete the course.

Schedule a Visit

It is important that the forklift trainer is willing to visit your site. You should always be leery of a “one size fits all” training program. Each business will have different requirements and circumstances that will impact that training that is provided. If the company is not willing to provide these walk-through services, you cannot be confident that they will meet the needs of your forklift operators.

Select a Thorough Program

There is more to operating a forklift than driving, starting, steering and using the forks. The program should also cover the basics such as off the truck activities. This should include factors such as handling and changing the battery and inspections.

Ask for Classroom and Hands-On Training

The classroom is the place where all the basics will be covered for operating a forklift. The trainer you ultimately hire, however, should also offer hands-on instruction. This is crucial in ensuring that the drivers know how to implement the training they have received.

When you are searching for forklift instructor training, it is important to consider the factors here in order to find a company that will provide the proper instruction for use of the machinery. Additionally, you may want to consider providing a class for the other workers who will be around a forklift to ensure they know the proper safety precautions to take to avoid injury.

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