Top 10 space saving tips for small homes

Whether it is big or small, a home is, after all, is the only place that can make you feel at peace. It’s much more than just a secure place. It contains all your happiness, sadness, memories, feeling, etc.

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Everybody wishes to have a huge house, but we fail to realize that even a small home can feel like a palace if its space is rightly used. If you plan to give your home a new look to make it look spacious and beautiful, look no further. 

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The below-mentioned tips can help you achieve that wish.

1. Foldable tables

 Many houses do not have enough space to keep a dining table or a study table. In such cases, try opting for a foldable table. These tables only acquire space when you wish to use them. Their cost as well is quite affordable.

They are fitted on the wall and can be erected when needed. You can make use of any stools or foldable chairs while using the table. It is perfect for small houses as it meets the need and also doesn’t occupy any space. 

2. Sofas with storage

If you have lots of stuff that needs to be stored, but there isn’t any room, sitting area storage is the best solution.  It ensures that the beauty of the room isn’t distorted and your items are safe.

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Such sofas are highly popular on the market. If there are toddlers in the house, you can use this space for shoving in their toys, school books, and other essentials that are often used. You can take out items when they are needed and put them back in when not required.

3. Bunk Beds (Room divider)

 Bunk beds are space-saving as well as comfy. Rather than having a huge king-size bed, a bunk bed is a much more reasonable purchase. Especially if it’s a kids’ room, you could try the room divider bunk bed.

It gives the kids their own private space without acquiring much space or compromising on one’s comfort. It’s a modern design that is much better than the regular bunk bed.

Now, you can give your child enough room to play and even have his/her privacy.

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4. Extendable clothes dryer

Most small houses do not have room for drying clothes. For such homes, a wall-mounted dryer is the best. It can be pulled out whenever you want to hang your clothes. You could also add a shelf above it to keep clips, hooks, etc.

It is firm enough and carries a standard load. Such dryers, once fitted properly, give no issues even in the long run. After you have taken out the clothes, you can push the dryer back to the wall. 

5. Store vehicles such as bikes and toddler cars in the garage

It is essential to use the house space appropriately. Instead of keeping your bicycle at home, you could keep it in the garage or the garden. It not only increases the space in the house but at the same time ensures the safety of your bike as well.

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Your house garage is a safe place for storing vehicles. Things such as bikes, old items, etc., do not have to be stored in the house. It helps in making the house look much big and bright. There are so many different efficient ways to store your bikes and other items as well, all you need to do is find out which one suits your needs best.

6. Murphy beds

A Murphy bed is just like a foldable table. There are quite a few varieties of Murphy beds available on the market. They can be used as storage compartments and a bed at the same time. 

Some of them come as dual-purpose beds, i.e., you could use them as sofas throughout the day and a bed during the night. Once done using you, push it back to the wall, and it’ll provide you with all the space you need.

7. False floor

I’ve seen many houses use the false floor technique to make it look spacious. It looks like a step-up floor but, in reality, is a storage area. You can design the false floor the way you want it to be.

Beneath this floor, you can store all that you want, right from cushions and covers to utensils and books. From the top-view, it’ll simply look like a flat floor that can be used for any purpose.

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8. Sink over the toilet

The sink built over the toilet is a new and innovative design to save space yet keep up the décor. It not only looks stunning but also helps in saving water. The water that you use to wash your hands gets automatically utilized for flushing off the toilet. 

Most small houses do not have a huge restroom, and this design might be the thing for them. It might be a little expensive to build, but a one-time investment in this can help you a lot in the future.

9. Choose Bright colors

You might have noticed that bright colors make a place look vast and spacious than dark colors. Dark colors end up shrinking the space making it look tiny and compact.

While you pick a shade for your house, ensure that you pick a light and bright shade. The brighter the color you pick, the spacious your house will look. It all depends on the way things appear to the eyes. 

10. Make use of any free space you find

Every empty and unused space can be of great help to you. For instance, you can turn the space under your stairs into various cabinets for storing things. You can customize drawers and other shelves in such places.

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Like these, you could use other places in your house to create secret storing cabinets that will keep all your things properly and maintain the house’s look and beauty.


It’s all about how do you make the best out of all the small things you have. I hope these tips help you in renovating or redesigning your house. But, remember, at the end of the day, it’s the people and memories are that make a house a beautiful home! 

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