Top Interior Design Trends for 2017

The interior design trends are different for different people. The idea of painting the walls with fresh paint or renewing few kinds of stuff may add a charm in the house or office.

Modern technology and high-tech gadgets have become an important part of our lives. So, to balance, the high-tech world, people tend to choose natural materials and colors. Let’s check the top interior trend for 2017:

Botanical Theme:

With the fast paced life, there’s hardly any time to relax and have fun in the green and this is the reason why hues of green are making a place in the interiors of the houses. A green pot, hanging plant or green cushion is all that it needs to reform the space.

Earthy Hues:

Pastel colors are once again an emerging color scheme. This natural and organic color adds warmth to space and looks subtle. The soft colors defines your room in the most tailored ways.

Jewel Tones:

Jewel tones will be ruling the interiors as the sparkle and the dash of interest they add in the room is exclusive.

Modern artifacts with jewel tones can be used to make the interior shine and glaze. Metallic colors and fabrics create soft romantic elements. Lights, beds, and furniture with a touch of jewel tones looks chic and will be trend setting.

Upholstered Bedhead:

In 2017, beds will definitely change dramatically. The timber bed frames will be replaced by the upholstered bed heads. Mid-century modern beds will make a comeback and the royally styled beds with the classic model will be welcomed.

The beds with attractive buttons and neutral colors or a plush velvet bedhead is a smart way to add instant glamor to the bedroom. The huge size beds will be ruling the relaxing room.

Vintage Materials To Chic Decor

The old classic furniture can be utilized as art décor. The vintage materials can be updated to look modern with contemporary textures and materials.

Chairs and tables can be upgraded to add  a classic mid-century look in the house. The repurposed pieces are best and add uniqueness to décor.

Organic and natural colors used in the old furniture can be used to balance out the modern décor.


The best way to add drama in the subtle house is by adding art inspired wallpapers. The colors of the wallpaper can be chosen from aquatic or forest theme.

The soothing colors can be used to decorate the room with different textures as these wallpapers can be printed on seagrass or rice paper, etc.

The quoted wallpapers are also inspiring to many. The wallpapers come like murals and give definition to the walls of the house.

Pop Colors:

When the theme of the room is natural and calm colors are chosen, then strategic pop colors can be used to add dynamic energy in the room. These colors can be added in the form of accessories, part of the furniture or a curtain.

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