Top Luxurious Epoxy Flooring Design Options for Homes and Businesses

Epoxy floors are a standard flooring option in garages, basements, and industrial settings. In this article, however, we will be exploring epoxy as a creative and unique flooring design option in homes and businesses. Indeed, you can come up with artistic and eye-catching customized floorings utilizing epoxy coatings. Recent technological innovations expanded the use of epoxy coatings. It is not only limited to level uneven floors as it can now be used to create beautiful floors in various colors and designs. 

The chemical makeup of epoxy enables the imagination of designers to go wild and create designs that are unique, elegant, and luxurious without making a hole in your wallet. 

Epoxy coatings as home and business flooring solution

Epoxy is a resin and hardener ingredient that is spread across a clean concrete surface. The epoxy coatings cure on top of the concrete and further strengthen the floors, as well as make them a durable and safe flooring option. Unlike other flooring solutions, epoxy coatings do not readily chip or flake even after many years of post-installation. 

Due to the durable and long-lasting nature of epoxy coatings, homes and businesses are now using epoxy floor coatings to achieve beautiful and luxuriate interior spaces. 

Here are some unique and elegant epoxy coating flooring ideas that will surely inspire you to create customized designs for your space:

Metallic epoxy flooring is a popular design option for residential and commercial spaces that desire a highly-sophisticated but straightforward flooring with long-lasting durability to boot. Not only is epoxy-covered concrete cost-effective, but it delivers endless customizable design ideas, too. 

Epoxy flooring with a metallic design is perfect for commercial spaces that experience both high and low foot traffic. In the home setting, it is ideal for the kitchen, as it requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. 

The metallic appearance of epoxy floors mimics the appearance of authentic marble floors. The unique designs, including ripples, water movements, fire, and cloud-like designs may appear to pop out right before your feet. The three-dimensional floors offer a sophisticated aesthetics that no other flooring options come close to.  

Apart from the metallic epoxy flooring design, homeowners may install flooring systems in various color combinations. Commercial establishments can match the epoxy coatings with the existing design and textures of an establishment’s interior space—the added texture aids in the safety of flooring at business establishments. 

Epoxy coatings may also showcase additional features such as slip-, fire-, and chemical-resistant, which makes it the ideal solution for industrial and business settings that are prone to unwanted fumes and chemicals. You can install epoxy flooring at home to look like wood, marble, and even tiles. 

For those who want to add a little shimmer and shine to their homes, add metallic flakes to epoxy coatings. Customers may choose metallic flakes in various colors to add more dimension to the flooring design. For those who want a futuristic aesthetics can apply holographic and iridescent options, too. The size of the metallic flakes influences the glittering effect when it comes in contact with light. For instance, larger chips will reflect light differently than epoxy coatings with smaller metallic flakes. 

It may be surprising for some but adding glitters to epoxy coatings deliver a subtle shine. For flooring that features smaller, more refined flakes, the end product is more of a sheen rather than an extravagant glittering effect. Glitter epoxy floorings may also be used as office flooring options. With the right lighting effect, it delivers a modern and warm ambiance. 

Since epoxy resin is a highly-versatile material, it can be used to create designs using different color and pattern combinations. The swirl patterns are commonplace in entertainment establishments. For accurate and precise floor patterns, the services of a professional design firm are needed. 

While most epoxy coating flooring patterns are abstract, expert installation can result in more precise lines and shapes, as well as color blocking for a unique and luxurious appearance. By adding more colors and patterns to epoxy coating, an interior space appears warmer and welcoming. 

With the versatility, durability, and cost-effective nature of epoxy coatings as flooring solutions, the only limit is your imagination. And with ongoing innovations in epoxy resin technology, you can expect more stunning designs in the future. 

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