Top Tips on How You Can Give Your Bathroom a Quick and Easy Upgrade

Many people assume that they have to spend a fortune if they want to give their bathroom an upgrade, but if you simply want to give your bathroom a new look and feel with a few quick changes, you can easily do this as well – and not have to spend too much of your hard-earned cash. There are a few changes you can take advantage of, allowing your bathroom space to feel more stylish, luxurious, and cosy without you having to go through drastic refurbishments. Do you want to change the way your bathroom looks and feels and make it a more welcoming space for everyone? Here, then, are some top tips on how you can give your bathroom a quick and easy upgrade.

Make your vanity shine

Your bathroom vanity has probably gone through some wear and tear over the years, and this is the perfect time to make it shine and stand out. If your bathroom vanity is made of plain oak wood or cherry wood, give it a paint job with a rustic country shade such as blue or green or aqua. Of course, you can always choose to replace your old vanity with a new one, and there are plenty of affordable choices out there when it comes to quality bathroom furniture. Here’s another tip: you can go even further by replacing your entire sink or basin and vanity with a completely new and more compact one in a vintage shade, and you’ll love how it adds value to your bathroom space as well.

Put frames on the mirror

If you have a standard mirror in your bathroom, you can add more oomph to its overall look with a frame. You can even make the frame yourself out of small mosaic tiles; if you want a blast of colour, choose tiles in bright shades or luminescent, pearly hues. To do it yourself, all you require is some wood trim, grout, tiles, and an MDF backing.

Build a cabinet or cupboard above the toilet

Many bathrooms often feature a small shelf right above the toilet, where you can keep toiletries and other bathroom essentials. But this space is often quite cramped, and it doesn’t look as attractive as a real cabinet or cupboard with doors. You can easily install a cabinet or cupboard above the toilet yourself and make the space even more functional and appealing. What’s more, this is a perfect storage solution for those who lack storage areas in their bathroom, as it doesn’t take any space on the floor.

Install dimmers

If you want to give the bathroom a nice ambience, especially if you’re relaxing with a long, luxurious soak at night, why not install dimmer switches? Granted, installing such a switch isn’t for the faint-hearted or those who have no idea about electrical wiring, but all you need to do is educate yourself regarding grounding and find out more about box sizes to perform a safe and successful job.

Installing the dimmer switch itself is easy once you have the technical requirements, and once it’s finished, you can enjoy the full benefits of a more relaxing, tranquil space that soothes your soul, especially if you have great music to set the mood.

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