Tulip Petals-Inspired Pendant Lamp for Modern Spaces

Lighting up a room can bring forward magnificent design lines and outline each corner and furniture piece. Finding the perfect lighting solution for a room can be quite tricky sometimes, but in the end it worth the effort seeing that it goes great with the rest of the decor. Perfect for modern spaces, in an entryway, kitchen or dining room for stunning visual effect, this charming pendant lamp was designed by industrial design student Tina Alnaes in collaboration with William Kempton and has very original appearance inspired by the petals of the tulip.

Slender but surprisingly voluminous, Tulipan (the Norwegian word for tulip) feature a three-dimensional, organic shape vertically oriented with the main lines softly flowing in a rotational movement that add a sculptural element to the room and radiate a delicate light, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The flower pattern will bring a joyful feel, and a cozy one as well. The user can easily assemble himself  the lamp by simply reading the instructions engraved on the inside of the lamp.

Tulipan have a lower and an upper circle, three inner structural beams which assembles circles, and twelve outer beams which are placed on the inner structure according to the numbers that are engraved on the inside of the lamp, thus every part can properly be attached without doubts. The beautiful pendant lamp come in two finishes, white PMMA or birch wood.

 Photos © Tina Alnaes


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