Unique Craft Object by Povl Kjer

Whether we talk about pieces of furniture, accessories, craft objects, materials, animal inspiration was always present in interior designing. Designers bring their image into our lives with all their loveliness in a creative and ingenious way. For example, sheeps inspired many design concepts around the world for children and not only. This Rocking Sheep by Povl Kjer is an unique craft object designed for Danish Crafts Collection first of all  intented as a toy for kids, then as a piece of furniture with multiple functions for any home interior.

Valued for its exclusive craftmanship and as a beautiful piece of furniture rather than as a toy, the Rocking Sheep’s design is anchored in Nordic local traditions and experience, combining aesthetics and functionality in an authentic way to create a humorous and cosy atmosphere.  Modern consumer looking for an original craft object of high quality will find exciting versions of the original Rocking Sheep designed by Povl Kjer, even miniature versions, which are part of different collection of Danish Crafts Collection. They are handmade in varnished pine wood upholstered with foam and covered in lamb wool fleeces and comes in various measurements and beautiful colors. We think such rocking objects are a great gift idea for kids; they will certainly love them.

Photos: © Danish Crafts Collection.



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