Unique Pillow Design Techniques

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What is the theme for your decorating style? Whatever you fancy? Whether you’re using mudcloth pillows or checks and plaids pillows or faded color pillows, etc.

You can decide to play around with colors and textures to your pillows. Also, choose to have simple designs on the throw pillows or choose intricate designs depending on your preferences. It’s vital to ensure you add your personal touch to your pillows. It will add oomph to any of your interior décors. Bear in mind when sewing from scratch or buying, the purpose of throw pillows is to serve as an aesthetic and provide comfort. The throw pillows can be placed on sofas, beds, day beds, armchairs, or floors.

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You can use the decorative pillows to tie in color accents in a room by choosing a color from drapes or area rugs or walls.

We will highlight some great pillows designs in this article.

Let’s dive in!!!

Mudcloth Pillows 

The mudcloth is a traditional African cloth technique commonly used in West Africa.

The cotton fabric is dyed in natural dyes made from tree leaves and dry it on the sun.  

The cloth is then hand-painted (using fermented river mud) with traditional geometric motifs that generally tell a story about people’s lives.

Americana Pillows

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The pillows usually are using American flag colors like Red, Blue, and White. The pillow top should have featured fabric showcasing the American emblem. For example, a quote from the founding fathers stencils onto the plain fabric or a U.S Flag. You can decide to customize your material instead of buying.

Stick Figure Pillows

Nothing says, “we are happy and in love “as a customized pillow with stick figures. 

You can decide to customize to tell your own story. 

For example, you can decide to showcase your love for your partner, family, etc.

Pillows with stick figures contribute a pleasant, light, cheerful ambiance to the room. 

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Lodge Décor Pillows

You can bring the outdoors in your room through your pillows. According to one’s preferences, you can choose coarse fabric or burlap. Also, the colors you choose for the pillow covers should showcase wildlife themes—for example, mountain scenery, lake or woodlands, etc.

You can decide to use paints or dyes to stencil designs onto the fabric before sewing the pillows. Your preferences determine the type of shape you choose for your pillows. There are shapes like rectangular, large square pillows, or rectangular pillows that can be arranged on the floor or squeezed on the couch. It will give the room a casual, relaxed feeling.

Vintage French Script Pillows

With these pillows, you’re bringing the French culture into your home. The cushions will give an emotional state of your preferences. You can decide to stencil designs (scripts) onto the fabric before you sew. The type of French quotes you choose on your pillows can demonstrate your feelings, love, happiness, etc.

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Cottage Look Pillows

Pillows with garden and vegetable themes patterns portray a room to be cheerful and light in ambiance. You are bringing the garden atmosphere into your living quarters. You can choose fabrics from either cotton prints or dyed fabrics etc. The type of colors and patterns you decide will depend on your preferences.

Bottom Line 

It’s advisable to keep in mind, décor trends change. Always maintain a fresh, simple, and modern look in your home.

They must be comfy to offer adequate support when sitting or lying down. In order not to damage the spineю They help to add beauty to the couch, living room, and ensure to make your home cozier and less empty.

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