Unique Sustainable Flower Pot that Glows at Night by Julie Storm for Nola

For more than four decades, the principle of making comfortable, accessible outdoor designs has shaped the Swedish brand Nola. Studying the city center and the urban landscape for years allows them nowadays to deliver high quality products with award-winning designs for public projects and urban spaces. Scoop Moonlight Planter, we’re showing you in today’s post, was a great find a few days ago. It was designed by Julie Storm and belongs to Nola’s amazing outdoor furniture collection.

With an eye-catching appearance, this flower pot seems at first glance like any other, a simple colorful planter in which flowers and other plants are placed in and displayed. But in fact, Scoop Moonlight Planter is very special and this thing is demonstrated by the 2013 Green Good Design Award it received, being mentioned as one of the most important examples of sustainable design in the world. Planters are designed to make both urban and indoor environments a little bit more beautiful, and a whole lot easier to live in, but the Scoop Moonlight has also been created to support a healthier living.

Unlike the standard flower pots, thanks to an integrated lighting unit, this colorful planter casts soft light over plants long after the sun has set, transforming flowers, stems and leaves into unique lighting features. This characteristic makes it equally striking during the day as it is at night, while bold colors give its simple shape big personality.

Made from recycled plastic that is fade-resistant and weatherproof, the planter can be cleaned with soap and mild detergents created especially for plastic, or by a pressurised water hose if used on a low pressure setting. Weightning 18 kg without plants inside and 100-120 kg with plants and compost inside, Scoop Moonlight itself is fully assembled and comes in various bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, lilac, light yellow, lime green, grey, black, granite and sand. Nothing like a planter that works just as well inside as it does outside!

Photos © Nola


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