Using Art To Boost Your Home’s Appeal

Collecting art can be a thrill, but purchasing a certain piece of art will only take you halfway. It’s only when you can successfully hang the different pieces of art in your home that you will reap the full benefits and beauty that the pieces you chose have to offer. With the right choices, a piece of art has the potential to elevate the appeal of your home while introducing an atmosphere of serenity.

Although pieces of collected art tend to present a certain personality of the collector, and it is sad to learn that most of them will go for years without being hanged or displayed in the homes of the owners. While some will be afraid of distorting the interior décor of their homes, others will simply procrastinate the task of fitting the pieces in their homes. However, there is no standard script for hanging your art, and a few universal tips could help guide you.

Here are a few insights to help you exploit the beauty of the art pieces you collect:

Everything Doesn’t Have To Match

It is a common misconception that paintings and pieces of art have to match in terms of the frames used and the themes. This statement couldn’t be any further from the truth since you can look for pieces that do not entirely match with each other but still complement each other. For instance, if you live in any of the Vision One Homes narrow lot homes, you can hang paintings that have the same frame type such as wood without having to match the styles and colors of the frames.

Alternatively, you can ensure that the pieces of art you place on the same wall all possess a dominant color. As much as you want each piece to present a part of your personality, it is also vital to prevent the individual pieces from clashing with each other or with other design elements within your home.

Prepare Before Hanging Your Paintings

The last thing you would ever like as an art enthusiast is to perforate your walls with nail holes as you try to fit the different paintings in different layouts. To avoid this, you can lay the paintings on your floor in your predetermined layout to determine whether it will fit your walls.

When it comes to hanging them, ensure that long paintings are at least 400 mm from the floor to reduce the risk of damaging them when mopping the house or through dust particles. Shorter paintings that you wish to hang above your sofa should start at 100 mm from the top of the sofa. For art pieces that you wish to hang on the same wall, try aligning them to the central points of the pieces instead of looking to align the edges.

More on Creating a Gallery Wall

While areas like the sitting room will work best when you only hang a single art piece to act as the focal point, empty walls at the end of a corridor or a staircase can be turned into a gallery wall. You can fix both small and large photos on these walls to create an inviting appeal. To create a cohesive atmosphere, hang art pieces that complement each other theme-wise.

Start by using one single piece as the center of the gallery wall and build around it with other art pieces. Less is more when it comes to gallery walls, which means that you should resist the urge to fill every wall with art.

Countering Commitment Issues

If you have a small wall or many pictures, it is normal to have an issue with committing a certain space to a particular piece. Look for alternative ways to display your pieces such as through picture rails. Alternatively, consider displaying the pictures on your bookshelves.


You will almost always have enough space to display the pieces of art you love. It all trickles down to how creative you can be in presenting them. Use the tips above to turn your home interior into a personalized space.

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