Very Common Home Decoration Errors That Should Be Avoided

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Decorating is a highly subjective topic.

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You make many important choices and you want the result to resonate with you, based on what you like and what you do not like. Nowadays, there is so much information available for people that want to decorate their homes. Countless magazines and websites exist and they can all be used for inspiration purposes.

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The problem is that when you simply look at images and other projects, you can end up making some serious errors. Home decorating is about the subjective side of how the room looks like but this does not mean you should ever make the decoration errors highlighted below.

Using Small Area Rugs

When the area rug that you add to a room is very small, the entire room ends up feeling underwhelming. Out of all the home decorating mistakes possible, this is very common. Furniture needs to sit right on the rug. When this is not possible, at least the front legs have to be placed on the area rug.

Make sure that you carefully choose the very best sized area rug if this is something you want to add to a room.

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Not Considering Functionality

There are parts of the home where functionality is much more important than décor. This includes your kitchen and your bathroom. You need to first deal with the essentials and then think about decorating. For instance, if there are some hot water Canberra problems inside the bathroom, they have to be fixed first and everything else should be tackled afterward, with the remaining budget. Always choose priorities.

Choosing Paint Color First

It is very common to see homeowners first choosing a paint color and then the rest of the elements that are going to be added to the room. You can find paint available in literally thousands of different colors. This means you can match paint color with everything inside a room.

Always first choose the pieces that are really expensive inside a room as you decorate. Then, simply decorate around these. In most cases, you will end up choosing paint color among the last steps taken.

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Hanging Artwork Really High

Art can look stunning inside a room but it never looks great if it is hung too high. Art is often hung close to the level of the ceiling. Instead, just hang art at the level of your eyes. Obviously, this can vary from one person to the next, based on height. If you have doubts, simply hang art lower than you would normally do it. It is better than hanging it higher.

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Using Short Curtains

Drapes and curtains need to skim the floor in practically any room of the home. It is completely suitable when they are longer and they can puddle. However, they should never end up being shorter. Short curtains simply look like pants that are very short on an individual. They just make the entire wall look shorter than it actually is and very truncated. Avoid this very common home decorating mistake by making sure you use curtains of the right length.

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