Vintages: The best lighting control system

Complicated lighting systems: 

If you are living in a big custom home, then it is a challenge for you as compared to the less large one.

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We are used to entering the room, switching on the lights, and we don’t think about what would happen next. But These days things are complicated than they seem. Because of different designs, a line switch turns into three to four and this becomes more complex if you have guests in your house. In many homes a load is connected to each individual dimmer that is installed in the wall. Each and every load is usually controlled by its individual dimmer. 

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Best lighting control system:

When you are building your dream home, you are usually more conscious about the wiring system and lighting system. In that case, you should have to select the best lighting control systems. that would provide you safety. Vantage is the best option in that case as it comes up with many colours and with many material options. Vantage even provides you matching trims as well to any code. We switch off and on lights every day, it would be more precious if we make it beautiful with vantage. You can also take these beautiful cosmetic choices in your regular power outlets for a more sophisticated look.

Smart technology in your homes:  

When you are building a new home, you need to focus on the wiring system of your home. Pre-wiring your dream home is as important as building a new home. You must consult an integrator, a designer, who will help you to install the technology of wire in your home. It is less expensive to install wires before constructing the home. So you should discuss it with your integrator. It might be so good and tempting to install but you should not entirely rely on wireless in some cases. 

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Different types of speakers: 

You need to understand about different speakers clearly which are as follows: 

1- In-Ceiling and In-Wall speakers: 

They are also called architectural speakers, and they work just like their names describe them. These are smart speakers and are best in the case if you want a speaker with less floor space. 

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Soundbars provide a simple yet ungraded form from your usual tv speakers without large speakers. They are perfect for bedrooms and offices. 

3-Free standing: 

While they are not much used yet they are freestanding speakers of the audio quality. They aren’t ugly and are available in many ranges. 

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4- Subwoofers: 

This speaker is the competition of all these previous speakers we have discussed before. They produce less frequencies and a base in a way that normal speakers can’t describe. 


Vantage is the best option for you if you are pre-wiring your home because it is the most desired system of 2021. It also comes up with various options that you can use in your new dream home. It saves your energy in many ways and is less complicated than other lighting systems. 


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