VIP Dining Experience at Pak Loh Restaurant in Hong Kong

Opened since 1967, Pak Loh is a traditional, Hong Kong based family restaurant that serves Chiu Chow cuisine, a particular Chinese food. Situated in the heart of a building block in Causeway Bay district, Hong Kong, their highly successful flagship restaurant got in 2012 a new image for its public entrance area and for ‘Lo Mei food preparation area’, which was transformed into an exclusive VIP dining room by Hong Kong & Antwerp based architectural design and research practice LEAD.

This new lounge area is somehow separated from the restaurant main entrance by a public passageway, being positioned in front of the building block’s façade of the Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant, situation that was seen as an opportunity by LEAD’s architects and designers to engage those passers by in an authentic and playful visual theatre. Causeway Bay’s busy street-life and the VIP room hidden deep inside interact in a beautiful manner, all designed elements ensuring a continuity between the publically accessible space and the private one.

They worked with geometrical elements, played with reflections and transparencies and amplified perspectival views, in order to trigger curiosity and seduce potential clients to enter Pak Loh Restaurant’s VIP dining area. Inside, the luxurious private space exudes elegance and intimacy. It reveals a seductive game of exposure and concealment with stylish curves and mirror and fins that replaced the space-limiting items such as walls and corners, all of them working together to create a unique dining experience. Have a look and share your experience with us if you had the change to eat there!

Photos © Dennis Lo Designs


Project details:

Architects: LEAD
Client: Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant Ltd.
Location: 23-25 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Program: Chinese Restaurant’s VIP Room
Project Management: 4N Architects, Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD)
Design Team: Kristof Crolla, Sebastien Delagrange
General Contractor: Kin Wah Decoration Co
Specialist Contractor Fins: E T Engineering Ltd.
Area: 25 sqm
Year: 2012


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