Warmth and Originality Defining a Renovation Project by Jane Hall

Here is an interesting renovation project achieved by the designer Jane Hall in Downtown Market Square Condo. The project consisted of reupholstered and refinished furniture for a more updated look, renovation of the kitchen and custom made black cabinet and linen additions. Dealing with predetermined spaces, creativity can turn things around for the better and so it’s the case of this elegant apartment with unique design. With only one bedroom and low ceilings, the interiors display a welcoming atmosphere obtained through the combination of warm and cool colors in this space. Details like the custom made black cabinet to store the TV and audio equipment, refinished furniture to fit better with the new style of the space make the home not only comfortable, but stylish.

Lush silk custom made draperies with floral motifs and bedding add a touch of luxury and femininity.

Photo source: designer Jane Hall.

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