Waterfront home design like

Located in the beautiful archipelago place with a very attractive location on Gräddö-Räfsnäs, the Roslag Dream waterfront house is the perfect quiet place fore you and you’re family to relax and enjoy the holyday. Fore example your children can experience many memorable summers with sparkling water, swimming from the pier in clear water, abundant boating, able to go out among the islets and rocks, or just stand and fish in the middle of an archipelago of pastoral for a very special nature.

The landscape is just amazing. Here you can find some famous long cliffs, crystal clear water, two bridges, park-like grounds, tennis court, flat lawns, magnificent and beautiful buildings all designed in a classic style that i bet you will love it. Among these wonderful buildings you’ll find a log cabin from the valleys from the 1800s and a fisherman’s cottage advertiser 1737th .

these property contain three buildings, the main building have all the facilites you need, like fireplaces, mullioned windows, white stained floors, site built country kitchen, stylish bathroom and several lounges, all in tasteful design and exclusive materials. The predominant colur is white a color which gives you the feeling of an large space, with big windous from which you can see the wonderful landscape. This waterfront home is the perfect place fore having a great vacation or to live day by day in harmony with the nature.

Source: esny

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