Waterfront Villa in Mexico Designed in a Contemporary Style

Ideal for summer, this waterfront villa located in Los Cabos, Mexico is full of style and taste. Designed by Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects this contemporary beach residence compliments the natural surrounding beauty. Influenced by the  Mexico’s artistic heritage and location’s physical drama, every corner of it you will experience a feast of color and charming and inspiring design elements.

It’s an example of intelligent architecture: simple and functional, but beautiful and elegant in the same time. The exterior design, where there is the pool, the garden and terrace are facing the sea, was realized in a concave shape to provide inhabitants privacy and ensure they can enjoy amazing panoramic views from any angle. The interiors aren’t overloaded with decorations, but the architects used the specific Mexican color palette featuring warm, vivid and welcoming tones. Decorative antique pieces and furniture beautifully mixed with modern ones to give a cheerful look, casual and relaxing. All flows in perfect harmony visual and spatial in this gorgeous waterfront villa.

Photos: © Peter Aaronesto.

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