We love Purple Color

Purple has always had its place in my closet as well as in home. Create surprising results with purple. A true shape shifter of a color, it effortlessly goes from regal, to relaxed, to quirky, to psychedelic, depending on the context in which it is deployed. Whether you use it on walls, soft furnishing or even furniture, tapestry, curtains, carpets or linen with both the soft tones and royal shades,  it looks mesmerising sensational and gorgeous, being a sign of glamour and majestic style that is not only classic but also very modern. Use  purple color to create a luxurious and expensive environment to your home. If it has a bluish shade, it can be serene and calm and gives an air of mystery. Darker and deeper purple are usually used to strike a note of formal ambiance with their bold presence, where as soft and light purple are cozy and slightly casual. Reddish shades attract more attention and dominate the room. Purple color has a long reputation of royalty and power.

From vintage to ultra modern interior design, purple accentuates a room and calls attention to itself in an unexpected way. Look at these pictures and find how to use purple for décor. If you were to use this beautiful color, for what would you apply it?


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