What Are the Highest ROI Home Upgrades?

When it comes to home improvements, not all upgrades are created equal. Some renovations can significantly increase your home’s value and appeal, offering a substantial return on investment (ROI) when it’s time to sell. But which upgrades are worth the effort and expense?

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Modernizing Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Upgrading fixtures in the kitchen, such as faucets, sinks, and cabinet handles, can dramatically change the room’s look and feel. For example, modern fixtures often come with improved functionality, like faucets with pull-down sprayers or touchless technology. 

On a practical level, this can make kitchen tasks easier and more efficient. In a similar vein, updating lighting fixtures can make the space brighter and more welcoming (while also highlighting key areas like countertops and islands).

Choosing high-quality materials and stylish designs that match the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen will create a cohesive look (which is really the mark of good home design). For instance, brushed nickel or stainless steel fixtures can really complement contemporary or industrial-themed kitchens, while bronze or copper tones may suit traditional or rustic styles.

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In the bathroom, upgrading fixtures can turn what’s otherwise a purely functional space into a retreat. There are several ways you can approach this, but replacing an outdated vanity, sink, or faucet is probably the best place to begin. Each of these can improve both the looks and functionality of the space. Another good idea is to install a rainfall showerhead. 

Energy-efficient fixtures are also available for bathrooms, like low-flow toilets and faucets that reduce water usage without impacting performance. The ROI here is directly tied to water bill savings. (Depending on how much use these appliances get, they could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.)

Replacing Your Home’s Siding

With the average return on investment (ROI) for siding replacement hovering a little above 80 percent, this is widely considered one of the most financially savvy home improvement projects you can invest in.

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The impact of a home siding replacement job is obvious from the start. When you replace old, worn-out siding, you immediately boost the visual appeal of your home. It provides a fresh, clean look. And the best part is that you have options. Whether you want vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, stone, brick, stucco, or another material, you have the ability to try different things. 

Beyond looks, new siding offers several practical benefits that most homeowners can enjoy. For starters, high-quality siding materials, such as fiber cement or vinyl, are durable and weather-resistant. Secondly, new siding protects your home, improves insulation, and can lead to energy cost savings over time. This is a very tangible ROI, as you’ll notice your energy bills going down.

Investing in a New Front Door

A new front door probably isn’t something you’ve spent much time thinking about, but it’s a pretty wise investment when it comes to tangible and financial ROI

With a variety of different styles to choose from, a new front door gives you the ability to totally change the way your house looks. You can go traditional with a classic wooden door or more elegant with glass panels. Then there are steel doors with sleek, modern lines. Lately, fiberglass doors have become an option, too. They’re cost-effective and can be easily customized to any custom size.

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Beyond aesthetics, modern front doors offer enhanced energy efficiency. Many are designed with better insulation properties, including tighter-fitting frames and energy-saving materials. This helps to keep your home comfortable and reduce heating and cooling costs. Doors with double or triple-pane glass inserts, weather stripping, and other insulating features can also be helpful for preventing air leaks and contribute to a more energy-efficient home.

Your House, Your Choice

This article obviously isn’t a comprehensive look at every single high-ROI home upgrade you can do. However, the hope is that it shows you the power of picking a project and really putting some strategic thought and intentionality behind it. 

Whether it’s modernizing some bathroom fixtures, replacing your home’s siding, investing in a new front door – or doing something not mentioned on this list – a well-planned upgrade can benefit the functionality, look, and feel of your home. And, in the end, this usually ensures a pretty strong return on investment.


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