What are the Steps Involved in Guest Posting? Know it Now

Heard about guest posting and the advantages it offers but don’t know where to start? No worries, read on and you will know the primary steps for starting with guest posting. These steps will give you an idea what major things you need to do to start with guest posting effectively. 

What are the Steps Involved?

  1. Look for Guest Posting Websites of Your Niche

The first step is to look for guest posting host websites belonging to your niche. There will be numerous websites accepting guest posts but you need to find websites having a good Domain Authority as that will serve you the best and bring utmost benefits. 

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For searching such websites, Google “Your niche + Guest posting opportunities”. Let’s say your business is in the IT industry so you need to search “IT + guest posting opportunities”. Use different keywords related to your niche. You can use keywords like guest blogging, write for us, guest blogging opportunities, invite guest bloggers too.

This will give you a list of different platforms that accept guest blogging. This is the most relevant way of finding out guest posting opportunities. Apart from that, you can ask in your connections. If any of your connections are already doing guest blogging, you can ask them and if they belong to the same niche as yours, it will be a good start for you. 

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  1. Pick a Few Good Host Websites

The first step we saw was to search for different guest posting opportunities. The next step is to pick a few of them where you think your goals will be served well. Not all host platforms will be equally good so you need to select 4-5 good ones matching your requirements. 

Read the guidelines that are posted on the platform. Read them with proper detail and ask any queries/concerns raised to the website admin. Check if the platform is asking for money to post the blogs, refrain from selecting such a website. Check the different posts submitted on the websites, read the comments posted by their audience, see if proper editorial standards are maintained on the website or not.

This will give you an idea about the website, is the audience active or not, what are their tastes, how you can add a value to their blogs, are the blogs thoroughly verified or not (this you can check by reviewing the submitted blogs), is social media promotion done for the blogs or not. Gather as much information you can and evaluate which 4-5 websites you want to pitch. 

Apart from doing all these activities on your own, you can opt for professional guest post services too that can help you with all the primary steps of starting guest posting. They have years of experience and can help in leveraging the best advantages of guest posting for your website.  

  1. Send a Pitch

The next step is to send a convincing pitch to the editors of the 4-5 websites that you finalized. Your pitch will include the following details.

  1. Your Introduction, your website information
  2. Overall website performance, traffic and other details
  3. How you can add value by writing blogs on their website 
  4. Attach Sample blogs – Most important

Elaborate each part but don’t make it too big. Keep it simple and to the point but it should be convincing enough. It should differentiate from other pitches that prospective guest bloggers have submitted (don’t forget, they will be receiving 100s of such pitches everyday). 

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  1. Start Guest Posting

Your first guest post will be very special for you. You have won the editor’s attention but the audience’s attention is yet to be achieved. For that, you have to write a complete informative guest blog. 

Research for every post and make it as detailed, as informative as possible such that the audience feels that they have gained some valuable information after reading it. This will make them more interested in knowing about you and they will click the target links that you have added to your post. The landing pages for these links should be appropriately selected as it will decide whether the lead is going to stay and convert or bounce back.  

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So, here are the primary steps involved when you are starting guest posting. Pay clear attention to each and every step in detail and you will win the editors attention and start guest posting very soon. 

If you find it tough or dont have the time and resources to do this task on your own, you can opt for professional guest blogging services who are quite experienced in pitching to the best host platforms and can write quality content as per your requirements. Don’t wait, follow the steps and start guest blogging asap!

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