What Can You Use Residential Propane For?

Propane is incredibly versatile, allowing households through the U.S., Canada, and beyond to do everything from heat their homes to heat a pool, with over 50 million American residential users alone according to propane101.com.

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As propane tanks come in an array of different sizes and even tankless quantities, they can be used for a long list of things, these are just some of the more common ways that they’re used in a typical home. 

Providing Hot Water

As your primary source of hot water, using propane to heat it saves an average of 30 percent on utility bills as compared to using an electric option. Heating with propane is much more efficient and also produces fewer emissions with a low carbon content to lessen the impact on the environment. If you want to have a “greener” home, using propane to heat water is definitely the way to go. 

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Using propane to cook not only saves energy but it allows you to cook with better precision. The dials on a stovetop oven can be much more accurate as compared to an electric oven. It means faster results and less trial-and-error when preparing your meals. You won’t have to second-guess what temperature your oven is at or heat up your whole kitchen for as long as you would with electric appliances. Plus, residential propane for cooking is a lot safer since it can be shut off very quickly in an emergency.

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Heating a Pool

The luxury of having your own pool is something that you’ll especially appreciate in the summer months, but even then it may not be warm enough to enjoy. You also might want to use it during cooler weather, so either way, you’ll want the most efficient way to heat it enough to make it comfortable for swimming without costing an arm and a leg. Using a propane heater is much more efficient than an electric one, cutting down the time and resources it takes to heat your pool, and therefore your energy bill. 

Drying Clothes

Having a propane dryer might cost a little more upfront when purchasing the appliance, but it’s an excellent investment in the long run. Not only is it cheaper to use, but a propane dryer can get the job done much faster and reduce the number of wrinkles in your dry laundry. 

Outdoor Heaters

If you have an outdoor patio or another type of outdoor seating area that you like to use during the chillier months of the year, having a propane heater can make it much more enjoyable. While wood burners can do the trick, using propane provides heat much faster and more efficiently. Plus there are many different types of styles, some of which can add decorative appeal.

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Fireplaces and Firepits

Whether your fireplace is indoor or outdoor, a propane-fueled option is not only less expensive to operate, but it’s safer too. Fireplaces and firepits often use fire glass or ceramic logs, so those long-lasting embers won’t be at risk for flying off and making a potential hazard. Additionally, propane fireplaces are a lot cleaner to have and use as they don’t come with all the ash and burned debris.

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