What Does a Full Home Renovation Include?

Doing a complete home renovation of your home can be exciting and a lot of work at the same time. No matter how much hard work it may be, you are left with new rooms to enjoy that are updated and comfortable. 

So, what does an entire home renovation include?

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First, it is essential to define the difference between renovations and remodeling before we get into the specifics. 


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Remodeling consists of changing the functionality of a room. Remodeling can include changing a work office to be a bedroom or a patio deck into a workspace. Adding an additional space to your home is also a form of remodeling. Remodeling may include construction to your home, so be sure to get the proper permits when choosing to remodel your home. 


Renovating your home consists of updating the rooms in your home but not altering the main purpose of each room. So, you may renovate the kitchen by changing out cabinets and painting the walls, but the main use of the room is still for cooking and eating. Renovations do not always need permits, but be sure to do your research to check and see if you might need one, depending on the kind of renovation that you intend to do. 

What is a Full Home Renovation?

A complete home renovation consists of renovating each room in your home. Now, this can be easier for some people and harder for others. It will depend on the size of your home and how many renovations you want to make to each room. 

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A total renovation of your home will consist of all the bedrooms in the house. Bedrooms can include kid’s rooms, guest bedrooms, and the master bedrooms in your home. When renovating the bedrooms, you may want to rip out any existing flooring and replace it with something new. For example, if you have carpet, you may want to change it to wood flooring instead. Renovating your bedrooms could include painting the walls and installing an add-on, like an extra sitting room or closet. 

Bathrooms and Kitchens

A complete renovation of your home will consist of the bathrooms and kitchens. You may make smaller bathrooms bigger by expanding them. Other things in a bathroom or kitchen renovation can include adding a vanity, changing the sink, and painting the walls or cabinets. Renovating a bathroom or kitchen can also include changing the plumbing, adding a new bathtub or shower, or replacing them altogether. Https://miamitile.com/home-remodeling-coral-gables/ recommends changing out the existing tile to a more up-to-date version. 

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A part of a full home renovation can include extending your closets. Extending your closet can include making your reach-in closet a walk-in closet.  You could also paint the walls of the closet or add new carpet or tile to the floors.

Outside Decks and Patios

A complete home renovation will include outside decks and patios. With renovating your outdoor decks and patios, you may want to change existing wood because of termite damage or natural wear and tear. If you are adding or extending a concrete patio it is best to hire a concrete pumping and concrete conveyor service rather than a DIY.

Renovating an entire home can be a lot of work, but it is worth it for you to enjoy your home in the end! Just hire the right people to help with the job and get the proper permits if you need any. 


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