What is a Lightbox? 

It is beneficial to your business to engage clients in your stores. You can not only increase dwell times, but you can also draw attention to promoted products and companies. Customers are more inclined to interact with displays that engage them. What better way to accomplish it than by illuminating the message visually with graphic lightboxes strategically placed throughout your store?

Many light box companies can design a customized lightbox according to your needs. You can reach them and ask them to create that that suits your company’s needs.  

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What is a lightbox?

Lightbox is a printed design that is lighted from the back or side by LEDs placed in a metal frame or extrusion in a box. The result is a vibrant, striking image that grabs visitors’ attention.

The goal is to ensure that the signage or signboards create a space with a lot of visual impacts and appeal while also allowing for a lot of creative freedom.

What are the benefits of a lightbox?

It Increases Visual Impact

Today’s signage market is exceedingly competitive. Consumers are bound to become addicted to well-lit signage, which can range from out-of-home billboards to non-illuminated signs outside department stores. What you want your clients to focus on is aided by lighting. This is why brands must be cautious with their lighting approach; lighting should be used to lead customers to the key message your brand is attempting to convey.

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Get an Increased product absorption

Also, because illuminating a photo produced on duratrans backlit film increases color saturation, contrast, and detectable detail, lightboxes better portray the color depth, texture, detail, and/or attractiveness of the goods being presented. This allows your customers to engage with the product more thoroughly and understand its features.

It will improve Surrounding Illumination

When done correctly, lightbox installation assists brands in highlighting critical messages while supplementing existing lighting. 

Increased Product Resonance

Lightboxes provide continuous visibility and encourage customers to interact with the company’s goods. Also, instead of boring posters, use high-quality fabric lightboxes to make your products stand out. A movie poster in a lightbox, for example, is more likely to catch your eye than one in a newspaper. When lightboxes are used effectively, there is a greater chance of having a direct impact on your customer’s purchasing choice.

Create an emotional connection

Finally, professionally generated backlit photos and graphics in lightboxes bring your message to life with more realistic/vivid topic illumination than non-backlit advertising. If you’ve ever strolled past a big lightbox with a large movie poster or a photo of a model wearing the latest cosmetic or fashion accessory, you’ve felt a distinct energy that a large, brightly-backlit photo creates. 

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Where Should You Consider Using Lightboxes?

You can use them anywhere you want to advertise your company’s product such as at:

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