What is the Best Carpet to Buy

Want to take a walk on the soft carpet? Whether you are carpeting old room or a new one, or you are just replacing the daggy and worn carpet you have had too long, we have compiled the list of factors that should help you in answering the question what is the best carpet to buy. Buying the wrong carpet is certainly an expensive mistake, so keep reading how to avoid this.

Material matters

Nylon carpet

Nylon is durable fibre. It is a popular one for carpets because it costs less than wool and can look equally good as others, plus its stain resistant. Nylon keeps its colour even when it comes to sunlight and cleaning. So it is ideal for high traffic areas and big families with pets and children.

Wool carpet

Just like your favourite sweater, carpets made from wool are warm, durable, and luxurious. On the other hand, they are usually more expensive compared to other fibres. Wool is a good choice for a place where appearance matter. Wood is by nature resistant to staining and releases dirty easily.

Polypropylene carpet

It is a synthetic fibre and a very popular choice among homeowners because it is inexpensive, durable, and water resistant. It is most often used for rental properties, kids areas, playrooms, garages. But honesty, it looks cheap.


Blends are a new popular style that provides benefits of both wool and nylon, but at a lower price than pure wool models.

What else do I need to know before buying a carpet?

Before you hit the carpet shops Southend think about the following:

Take into consideration the colour/type of carpet you want. But remember, it’s never only about aesthetic.

Warm advice

The overall appearance and design of your room including surrounding colours and lighting will influence how good your new carpet will fit in and how it will look in your home. Ask for samples and take your time checking how well they fit in each room under your lighting conditions. Bear in mind natural daylight, candlelight, artificial lighting …

Take into consideration the construction of carpet:

Final Thoughts

What is the best carpet to buy will mostly depend on your needs. Each model has its advantages, so choose the one that will be most practical for you and at the same time fit into your home design.

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